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The influence of abrasive on tsiklevku a parquet

When the wizard comes out with parket grinding equipment at the facility for grinding, he must have a whole set of quality abrasive the material. Without good abrasive polishing of parquet can become things punishment. The floors are light in grinding, and very complex. It depends on the age of the floor, from the hardness of the wood, from the old varnish and to the required quality.

Today, manufacturers of abrasive material make us happy and rich a wide choice. On sale is available abrasive coated abrasives on seed: oxide aluminium, silicon carbide, Zirconia and ceramics. Rooms from R24 and up-R120. There are also special grid-R120, P150 for grinding varnish between paint process.

For soft wood of a pine and larch is suitable skin on aluminium oxide, but the hard rock is better not to use it, because scraping old the parquet delayed several times time. For hardwoods better fit zirconium ceramics, since only these abrasives easily cope with the most difficult floors.

A competent professional, the wizard selects the skin which is easily performs its task, therefore he will not spare money on quality the material. As well as manufacturers are different, and the skin too different. For example, abrasive on the zirconium is one of the manufacturer and his competitor, but completely different performance and it shows. So the master has knows who to buy. But while the situation is different, a little one who understands an abrasive sample and therefore, going into the parquet office on the shelves you can see oxide aluminium, silicon carbide, but it seems a better option zirconium and ceramics.

Thank you for your attention, the article is made by professional private master Vladimir.

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