Presents the guidelines for selection and use of PPE

Guidelines are developed by experts from developers PPE, members of the Association of PPE approved by the Institute of Labour of the Ministry of labor of Russia. In the framework of the business program Wnet-2019, industry experts discussed the relevance and prospects of implementation of these recommendations to Russian companies.

According to expert estimates, the level of disease sensorineural hearing loss in recent years has increased from 12% to 27%, overall, sensorineural hearing loss is one of the leading places in the structure of professional diseases Russia.

To ensure the effective protection of employees requires a comprehensive approach, including measures to modernize the production and provision of personal protective equipment.

PPE is the last barrier between the hazard and accident», - said Natalia Minevich, Deputy chief of engineering Department of management systems and occupational health and professional risks all-Russian scientific research Institute of labour of the Ministry of labor.

The market presents a large assortment of hearing protection in Russian and international manufacturers.  And the correctness of their selection and the correctness of the application depends on the health worker, and the efficiency of investment companies in providing employees with PPE.

It is difficult for Enterprises to navigate in this variety of remedies, especially in the selection of their specific production conditions. Namely, the complexity of protection and individual selection of PPE according to the risk assessment and the production conditions underlies the risk-based approach to labour protection.

To facilitate this task, the expert community has been a matter of choice and selection of PPE hearing, which resulted in “guidelines on the selection and use of PPE hearing” that can help occupational health services to fully protect employees.

Recommendations developed by the experts from 3M and other leading companies-manufacturers of means of protection based on international and Russian experience in the field of hearing protection in the workplace. The document is endorsed by the Institute of occupational safety and is ready for deployment in Russian companies.

Many of the provisions of this methodology for years are used by the largest Russian enterprises. “the Systematization of proven approaches in a single document – this is a significant step towards the realization of a risk-based approach to the organization of labor protection in Russia and the concept of zero injuries. One of the key issues in this approach – risk assessment and based on this selection of PPE hearing” said Vadim Vasilyev, the Director for work with key clients business groups “Security and graphics" of 3M Russia.

Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
25 April 2019.


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