New solutions 3M will improve the performance of the welder is 20%


3M Company announces the release of two new products: shielding welding shields 3M Speedglas 3M Speedglas 9100XX and 9002NC function autodetermine filter, which allows to protect the life and health of welders and increase their productivity by 20%.

According to the Ministry of labour and social security, in 2018 remains steady decrease in the level of industrial injuries. The number of accidents with severe consequences has decreased by 3% than the same period in 2017, however, the problem of industrial injuries remains highly relevant for industrial enterprises. The job of a welder — one of the most harmful and dangerous, welder daily exposed to the whole complex of harmful factors. The welding process is accompanied by release of ultraviolet, infrared radiation, sparks and splashes of molten metal during cutting and polishing. Burns, eye damage, electric shock, lung disease, damage to the organ of hearing – here is a list that every day threatens the welder. While about 72% of accidents in welding works can be avoided by following safe practices and the use of quality of protection.

about a quarter of injuries from welding has on the eyes, so during welding operations the welder is not recommended to remove the shield. This is possible if the flap is light, with wide viewing angle, the pressure on the head of the welder is uniformly distributed, the filter automatically darkens and fills, providing excellent clarity and color. The 3M company has announced the release of new products 3M™ Speedglas® 9100XXI and 3M™ Speedglas® 9002NC that use the new technology of recognition of colors Natural Color Technology. Design models and filter automatic dimming allows to protect the face and eyes of a worker from heat, UV/IR radiation as well as sparks and splashes of metal.

the New technology of recognition of colors helps to ensure the fidelity realistic and contrasting colors. In the protective shields with 3M filter welder can see the weld seams with more contrasting colors, the sharpness of the transmission image will determine the nuances of curvilinear welding seams, and the delay settings highlight will protect the eyes of welders from the hot metal until it cools down. And if a welder is the quality of the review and color reproduction at any stage of the work, the reasons to constantly raise the shield much less, which positively affects the speed of work performed. So, according to the company 3M, no need for the raising and lowering of the plate for different categories of welding, and the use of auto power-on and the external buttons for switching polishing enhance the productivity of the welder is 20%.

a New model of Speedglas® 9002 NC replaced the decisions in the line of the 9000 series, which was well-known and popular among professional welders. 3M modified technology based on the query experts on welding and created equipped with the new filter panel, which is suitable for different applications. This model represents an excellent combination of shape and size, light weight, comfortable headband flap, which is designed taking into account ergonomic parameters, and the filter transmitting the colors realistic and have the function adjust the sensitivity of the filter for reliable dimmable when working with any welding equipment and at any current.

Another novelty is the flagship model of Speedglas® 9100XXI, which is designed to “details”. It is equipped with a filter with improved color reproduction that helps the welder to better see the weld puddle and control it in the process. The filter size is large - 73*107 mm, which gives an excellent overview at carrying out of welding works in helping to control the welding arc. The mode “auto-on” allows you to automatically enable and disable the filter, the side Windows give the option of a panoramic overview that helps you avoid distractions during welding, and button mode "Stripping/cutting” located on the outer side of the flap, ensures a comfortable shifting position during operation. Welding in this mode reduces eye fatigue during long welding operations.


Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
7 February 2019.


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