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Abrasive tools 266

Abrasive materials and tools presented this diversity of forms and types of materials and tools produced with the use of the abrasive grain. In the presented abrasives, which are suitable for manual use, in the manual шлифмашинах and grinding machines for the processing of all available materials..

Section of abrasive materials and tools is constantly replenished with new types and species. You can also add your tool. 

Polishing tools 25

Polishing tools presented in this section in a large variety of types and forms are designed for polishing and are suitable for use on hand-held machines, polishing machines.. Taking advantage of our catalogue You can choose the best polishing tool to achieve the best results when processing different materials.

Diamond and CBN Tools 106

Diamond and CBN tools presented in this section are used for grinding, cutting grinding of different materials. Select the required type and shape of the diamond and CBN tools.

Carbide tools 16

Carbide tools in the wide variety of types and forms are used for manual grinding machines and machines for processing of materials appropriate to the type of carbide tool. In section provides solid carbide tools from all over the world.

Technical brushes 19

Technical brushes are used on manual grinding machines, machines for manual application. Mainly made of metal wire of different types, nylon, natural raw materials. Brushes have a multifaceted application in industry and everyday life. In section provides technical brushes possible types and forms from all over the world.

Manual grinding machines 17

The manual grinding machines of different engine type: electric, pneumatic, batteries, hydraulic. As well as the type: corner, eccentric, direct, brush and others can be used in everyday life and in the professional sphere. Properly chosen grinding machine in the capacity and type of abrasive tool will allow qualitatively complete the work with high performance and security. Also in this section are presented self-propelled grinding machines. Select the appropriate type of sanding machines presented in this section.

Grinding machines and equipments 20

Grinding machines of all kinds for working metal, wood and other materials, as well as grinding equipment of all kinds. You can choose the suitable type grinding machine, find manufacturer. After that, to buy grinding machine will become much easier selecting it from the options.

Grinding fluid 6

Lubricating and cooling grinding fluid and emulsions are used to achieve better results in the implementation of grinding work on the grinding and cutting machines. Properly chosen Sozh guarantee the correctness of tooling and equipment, as well as the quality of the work performed. This section presents the possible types of liquids for grinding from all over the world.

Auxiliary equipment 12

For the convenience of work and special operations when performing grinding, cutting and Stripping is a special auxiliary equipment and accessories. This section contains auxiliary equipment for carrying out of grinding work from all over the world.

Accessories and equipment for the production tools 14

The process of production of abrasive, diamond polishing tools for each type requires special component parts and equipment. This section contains everything necessary for the organization of production process at any level, as well as for the self-production of a specific tool.

Clothing, shoes, gloves 2

The clothing, shoes, respirators and gloves protect you from possible damage. And additional equipment will allow to create comfortable conditions for work. To select the appropriate personal protective equipment will help You the goods presented in this section.

Cleaners 14

Special means and the equipment for cleaning the surfaces of hands for industrial and household use

Services for grinding 2

Section "Services for grinding" it services companies and private persons for implementation of the grinding work of different levels.

Recycling and disposal 1

The processing of abrasive tools, removal and disposal is an important point in the production process. Properly utilized balances of abrasive tools, special liquids and other MSW allows to maintain the ecology of the region at a good level.

Exhibitions, presentations 4

The thematic industrial exhibitions are one of the most important sources of information to consumers about the novelties of the industry, the trends on the world markets. Industrial exhibition is a meeting place for establishing business relations and the development of business.

Personnel selection and placement 2

Find the qualified industrial staff quite a complicated task. Knowledge of the subject is the key to successful sale of tools, machines and equipment. Industrial enterprises are in need of skilled workers specialties: шлифовальщиках, сварщиках, the operators of the machines, etc. In the section there are companies that specialize in providing such services. For those looking for a job will be offered the vacancy companies in the specialty.

Printed and electronic editions 2

The print and electronic publications under the tools, equipment, machines, surface treatment. In the section there are representatives of branch printed and electronic mass media, industrial Internet-portals.

Services on certification 4

The goods belonging to the group of abrasive materials and tools, grinding machines, fluid and other equipment should be stratified. In section presents the types of services on certification and company, which will offer You the services on certification of goods, services and manufacturing.

Research and training centers 4

The scientific and educational institutions in which to study questions of application of abrasive, hard-alloy, diamond and other instruments, conduct research of their capacity. Special vocational training centres шлифовальщиков, welders, production engineers of abrasive production.