Best welder 2012

23.10.2012 - 25.10.2012 Contests
Venue: Russia, Moscow, Sokolnichesky Val, building 1
Organizer: LLC «Firm «ELSWAR»
Date: 23.10.2012
Date to: 25.10.2012


In the framework of the exhibition “WELDEX/ROSSVARKA 2012”  will be held the contest for the title "Best welder of Russia 2012"

1.. the Aim of the competition

the Aim of the competition – increase of prestige of working professions  WELDER, revealing and encouragement of the specialists-welders, with outstanding professional knowledge and skills

2.   the Participants of the competition

2.1..  For participation in the competition «BEST WELDER  2011” are welders of Russia, CIS and from the  other countries of the world  ," work   at the enterprises of any forms of ownership in all branches of production (industry, construction, public utilities, etc.), having WELDER license.

2.2..  Contests are held in the following categories:

2.2.1. Best welder of manual arc welding (MMA),  (for adults):

2.2.1.М. The best young welder of manual arc welding (MMA) (for students) – organizers : the “YENAR?”, training, certification welding center “ZIO-Podolsk”,  with the assistance of the Russian scientific technical welding society ..

2.2.2. Best welder of manual argon-arc welding  - consumable electrode (TIG) ) (for adults).

2.2.2.М.  Top  young welder of manual argon-arc welding  - consumable electrode (TIG) (for students)..

the:  the “YENAR?”, training, certification welding center “ZIO-Podolsk”,  with the assistance of the Russian scientific technical welding society.

2.2.3. Best welder of semiautomatic welding (pMAG (for adults)

2.2.3.М.. The best of  the young welder semi-automatic welding (pMAG) (for students) – organizers:  the “YENAR?”, training, certification welding center “ZIO-Podolsk”,  with the assistance of the Russian scientific technical welding society.

2.2.4. The best welder – газорезчик (for adults) 

2.2.4.М.. The best welder – газорезчик (for students) – organizer:  the company RO-ar  with the assistance of the company “YENAR?”, training and attestation of welding center “ZIO-Podolsk”, the  Russian scientific technical welding society.


allowed the participation of one participant is not in more than one category.

3.. The order of participation

&3,1.nbsp; Enterprises and training institutions, interested in participation in the contest, not later than October 19   2012 sent to the Organizing Committee of the exhibition “WELDEX/ROSSVARKA 2012”  the application (in any form) to participate in the contest with his NAME.. participants and nominations , in which they will participate , made on company letterhead and signed by its head, and the profile of participants.

3.2.  Applicants on  the title “the BEST WELDER 2012” are identified at the enterprises of any of the following ways:

3.2.1.. By results of the competitions of the skill of the welder by enterprises, educational institutions, associations or industry, (if such competitions are held).

3.2.2. According to the results of qualitative work of welders at work, on the proposal of the services of the main welders, chief mechanics or chief engineers of enterprises..

the Number of participants from each entity – not more than one of  a person  for each nomination  (i.e., not more than 3 of  the man).

4. The order of the competition

4.1. Contest participants shall be registered in CEC “Sokolniki   at the stand of  the “REGISTRATION     not later than  10-00  hours of  23  October   2012.. (preferably  presentation of  the current identity of the welder  and  identity  on certification of electrical safety).

4.2. The contest is held  23, and  October 24  2011, from 10 to 17 hours.

4.3. Each participant participates in mandatory two stages :

4.3.1.. Stage №1 (required) : verification of theoretical   professional  knowledge with the use of test cards.

4.3.2. Stage 2 (required) the Execution of welding samples.

4.4.. The results of the contest the jury ( the jury is composed of representatives of the leading certification centers of Russia, representatives of Russian scientific and technical welding society (RWs), mmags ,  representatives of the leading world companies – manufacturers of welding equipment and materials, with the participation of chief welders enterprises  sent participants to the contest , choose  for each category, one winner.

notes :

4.4.1..  the Organizers of the competition «BEST WELDER  2012” provide for the competition  all the necessary facilities: welding equipment ; welding samples; protective clothing welder (costume , mask, gloves , local drawing) ; a metal brush; and the hammer of a welder ;  welding electrodes and присадочную wire   ; tungsten electrode . Participants only need to come to the contest.. Participation in the competition FREE.

4.4.2.  Guides on the competition «BEST WELDER  2012  organization of  pay   expenses for the stay of the contestants in Moscow  ( power , and if necessary, accommodation, etc.).

5. Awarding of the winners

5.1.. Rewarding of winners will take place on  the  of “Sokolniki    in the pavilion  №4   25  October 2012.  in  14 hours 30 minutes.

5.2. All participants receive memorable certificate (diploma) of the participant of the contest.

5.3.. The winners of the competition  in  each of the  four   nominations are awarded with:

-  the honorary diploma  “BEST WELDER 2012”;

-  valuable gifts;

- photos of the winners  and all the participants will be published in the journal of  the “Welding production”, etc.                                                   

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