Svarka / Welding 2018 Saint Petersburg

Svarka / Welding 2018 Saint Petersburg
24.04.2018 - 27.04.2018 Activities
Venue: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Expoforum
Organizer: OOO EF-International
Date: 24.04.2018
Date to: 27.04.2018


The 19th international exhibition-Congress SVARKA/Welding-2018 specialized equipment, tools and technologies.

Basic thematic sections of the exhibition

  • Modernization of welding processes at industrial enterprises.
  • Introduction of advanced, innovative technologies  in the welding industry.
  • Automation and robotics in technological processes.
  • Energy-Saving technologies in welding and thermal production.
  • Training of qualified specialists and welders, innovations in education.

Exhibitors – the Russian and world leaders in the manufacture of welding equipment, technologies and materials, as well as suppliers of welding equipment, materials and protection means for welders, offering a way of modernization of welding production.

We Invite You to take part in the exhibition.

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