Steel Structures '2018 Moscow

Steel Structures '2018 Moscow
01.06.2018 - 29.05.2018 Activities
Venue: Russia, Moscow, MVK Expocentre, pavilion 8
Organizer: VK, OOO "Metall-Expo"
Date: 01.06.2018
Date to: 29.05.2018


International specialized exhibition of Metal 2018 will combine the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of metal for construction purposes and direct consumers of their products and services.

Topics of the exhibition Metalwork:

  • Steel structures: beams, trusses, columns (for all types of buildings);
  • Steel structure: profiles for road construction.
  • Steel constructions: antenna masts and power lines;
  • Steel structure: light steel thin-walled structures (lsts): load-bearing, cladding, wall and roofing systems, profiled flooring;
  • Steel construction: other: metal;
  • Aluminum construction: translucent system;
  • Aluminum construction: facade system;
  • Aluminum construction: enclosing;
  • Aluminum construction: other construction;
  • Metal products for construction: rolled and profiles for steel structures;
  • Steel products for structures: aluminium profiles;
  • Steel products for structures: materials for welding;
  • Metal products for structures: fasteners;
  • Equipment for the production of structures (rolling, bending, welding, etc.);
  • Expenditure abrasives and tools for producing structures;
  • Design, fabrication and installation of steel structures;
  • Corrosion protection of structures;
  • Protection of steel structures from exposure to elevated temperature;
  • Industry associations and unions, media, IT-technologies, Internet-Commerce, automation of production and business processes


We invite You to take part in the exhibition Metal in 2018. Waiting for your big business program, < / span>the Contest “METAL” on the best solution for using steel and aluminum in construction. 

Detailed information on the organizer's website exhibitions, OOO «Metal-Expo”.


129085, Moscow, Bolshaya maryinskaya, d. 9, p. 1


Tel: +7 (495) 734 - 99 - 66




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