Metalworking. Welding - Ural Ekaterinburg 2019

Metalworking. Welding - Ural Ekaterinburg 2019
19.03.2019 - 22.03.2019 Activities
Venue: Russia, Yekaterinburg. IEC "Ekaterinburg-EXPO"
Organizer: VC "Permskaya Yarmarka"
Date: 19.03.2019
Date to: 22.03.2019


19-th specialized exhibition of modern technologies, equipment, materials for mechanical engineering, Metalworking industry and welding production.

Exhibition "metal. Welding - Ural»

a Specialized project aimed at increasing the efficiency of Metalworking in industry, introduction in manufacture of high-tech equipment and innovations, the modernization of welding production. Visitors will be presented new products from well-known domestic and foreign companies. Here you can not only see current grinding equipment, but also to conduct negotiations with potential partners.

exhibition profile:

  • products engineering enterprises for industry,
  • metal cutting equipment (new and used),
  • welding equipment and materials the
  • abrasives tools
  • technical brushes
  • sanding machines,
  • measuring equipment
  • installation,
  • software products for the organization and management of production, 
  • laser equipment
  • generator and compressor equipment,
  • lubrication and coolant
  • component parts and materials
  • technical equipment,
  • remedies
  • safety system
  • environmental safety
  • investment projects
  • technical literature and information.



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