State standard – main category standards adopted in the USSR. Currently applies the interstate standard in the CIS, under the authority of the Interstate Council for standardization, Metrology and certification (IGU).

for Many years all GOST standards were mandatory for application in those areas, which were determined by the preamble of the standard. In the Russian Federation the Federal law on technical regulation No. 184-FZ of December 27, 2002 concepts are separated “a technical regulation” and “standard”, in connection with than all of the standards shall lose binding and applied voluntarily. Up to September 1, 2011 in the period prior to the adoption of the appropriate technical regulations, the law provided for compulsory execution of the requirements of the standards in part, relevant to the protection of the life or health of citizens, property of physical or legal persons, state or municipal property; protection of the environment, life or health of animals and plants; prevention of actions misleading consumers C September 1, 2011, all normative legal acts and normative documents in the field of technical regulation, not included in the list of mandatory, have voluntary application.

the State standard has the effect of (if not replaced by a national standard) in the following countries:

Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

There is a separate standard for diamond powders - GOST 9206 and for powders - GOST 3647, GOST R 52381-2005 that defines the grain composition and grit grinding powders, there are also a number of state standards for abrasive tools, etc.

Valid documents GOSTa: