3M expands its line of abrasives Cubitron™ II

Abrasive wheels and strips of 3M™ Cubitron™ II is in the subtle gradations are used for levelling of putty and primer to prepare the surface before application of primer and preparation of new parts before painting "wet on wet". The new grain products the exact 3M, which saves the time of grinding, longer life, improved performance and clarity of operations. Advanced anti dust coating and the location of the holes in a spiral allows more effectively remove dust from the treated area, thereby enhancing the accuracy of surface treatment. This task is particularly important when working with fine grades of abrasives, which causes increased production of dust.

The launch of new products on the Russian market in December 2018 – part of the global campaign 3M's new Cubitron abrasives™ II, which was preceded by several years of research and development at the research laboratories of 3M. The grain of the exact shape of 3M in small gradations increases the performance and service life of abrasive materials 3M, which is a real breakthrough for body repair.

Abrasive materials 3M™ Cubitron™ II is widely used in the Russian trade and was acknowledged as the best "Abrasives" professional independent award «Golden key» 2018.

“Winning the 3M company in the category "Abrasives" in 2018 – a sign of quality, high evaluation of the professional and expert community. While receiving the statuette "Golden key” — is not only a great joy, but also responsibility and motivation to move forward. Therefore, we proudly present to the market new products and are confident that they will enjoy a well-deserved success», - says Alena Kavokin, head of marketing, the business group Industry 3M company in Russia and the CIS.

Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
18 December 2018.


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