The 3M company has introduced new products for car repair in Minsk


3M Company held a presentation of new products for auto repair. Representatives of the largest auto repair services of Belarus and distributors of a wide range of products for car repair 3M: abrasives, Cubitron™ II, flexible abrasives in rolls, a new system for the preparation and application of paints PPS 2.0, polishing paste and other materials. 

3M has announced the expansion of the abrasive-Cubitron™ II at the end of 2018, adding to its abrasive and strips of 3M™ Cubitron™ II is in the subtle gradations of 240 + and 320+. Previously the most subtle gradation in the line was a gradation of 220+. Today, these abrasive materials are used for levelling of putty and primer to prepare the surface before application of primer and preparation of new parts prior to painting. Improved dust extraction, more efficiently removes the dust from the treated area, thereby enhancing the accuracy of surface treatment. This task is particularly important when working with fine grades of abrasives, which causes increased dust formation. 

Conducted field tests demonstrated the advantages of abrasive wheels 3M™ Cubitron™ II size of 150 mm gradation of 320+ during a two-minute test from 117% to 148%.

the New generation of abrasive paste polishing, paste 51815 Fact Cut Plus Extreme with green cap allows you to increase the removal rate risks up to 30% on all types of paintwork. These products are widely known professionals of auto repair shops of Belarus.

In the near future to the Belarusian market, will launch a new system for the preparation and application of paints PPS 2.0. A closed Autonomous system of mixing colors 3M™ PPS, 3M invented more than 20 years ago, today improved for key parameters and to improve the performance of the paint shop, to optimize costs, to do the job cleaner and faster. The system provides a wide range of adapters for nearly all types of paint spray guns. New adapter PPS 2.0 will be offered to customers during visits of sales representatives of 3M in exchange for the old adapter modification.

Within the client support team of business solutions for trade 3M conducts online training the most effective use of technology and products for auto repair. Webinars technical specialists 3M are held regularly in the group of Professionals specialized in 3M VK. To participate in them can be anyone.

Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
17 April 2019.


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