Three years without incident at 3M

3M plant in Volokolamsk

At the production site of the 3M company in Volokolamsk summed up the results of work in the field of labor protection. In April 2019, the company celebrated 3 years during which the company was not registered any accident with loss of working time.

A variety of technologies and materials used tools and equipment, in the presence of strict requirements for product quality, constant striving for improvement of technological and business processes requires introduction of the most modern and successful approaches to risk management in the field of labour protection (occupational health and safety). High production figures confirm the effectiveness of production management – 2018 production growth 30%, and productivity growth-20% compared with the 2017 year.

An integral part of the process of formation of safety culture is the active implementation of enterprises practical programs aimed at:


  • improving the process of risk management (program for identification and elimination of potential hazards when performing high-risk work, evaluation of ergonomic risks, assessment of exposure to chemicals and materials) 
  • the
  • involvement of employees and managers at all levels in regular activities in occupational health and safety (a program of behavioral safety, operational safety assessment, the leadership programme for executives)
  • the
  • the use of effective tools and improving the management of occupational health and safety.


According to production Director 3M Russia and CIS Alexander Cherepanov: “the key to safety in every workplace is to achieve a high level of safety culture, which every worker. Building a culture of safety is impossible without understanding and adoption as a guide to action, all employees of the fact the value of human life and health, for the sake of which set a true collaboration between all functions and departments, having a trusting relationship between employees, specialists and management. This vision reflects the slogan “Security – matter”, which can be seen everywhere in the enterprise”.

Earlier in april, Alexander Cherepanov became the winner of the regional stage of the contest “Manager of the year - 2018» nomination «Effective management of production”.

Certificate of manufacturing facility in Volokolamsk:

In 2008, 3M launched its own production in Russia, opening its first plant in Volokolamsk. Today the plant produces PPE, products for the automotive industry and auto-repair, anti-corrosion coatings, office supplies.

The company is expanding production, increasing the range of products, in 2019, the investment amount of 3M in the development of production in Volokolamsk will be about us $ 5.6 million.

Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
26 April 2019.


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