The 3M company will expand the range of protective eyewear

The Innovative technology of uniform distribution of pressure on the temples provides the self-adaptation of the rim to the peculiarities of a person of any size and shape. This technology is developed based on the results of a global study of the peculiarities of different nationalities and genders. The study was scanned and the profiles of individuals and created digital 3D models, which identified approximately 600 points possible contact eyeglasses face. Using special measuring equipment experts 3M was revealed that balance of pressing the bow at the head, in which no pressure points on your head and RUB, do not slide, fine attached to the head, all fit in size and easy to use the entire working shift. For even greater comfort and improved fixing points are equipped with soft rubber ends self-adjusting of arms and soft nose bridge.


Technology is an innovative coating 3M™ Scotchgard™ anti-scratch and fogging turns drops of water into a thin transparent film of water uniformly distributed over the surface of the lenses, which easily transmits light. Thus, the water droplets not collected on the surface of the lens, the lens are resistant to fogging and provides a good overview. Using glasses with anti-fog coating, an employee will not waste time and be distracted by the rubbing points will not be annoyed and will focus on the performance of their work with a sense of security and comfort for a long time.


Sunglasses made from strong polycarbonate, which provides durability and resistance to loads, which were tested under impact conditions 45мс and in extreme temperature range from -5°C to +55°C. the New model points is one of the lightest on the market. Weight of lightweight models is 19 g. This suggests that the glasses virtually weightless and do not feel the face. Optical class 1 provides a high optical clarity and is designed for continuous use. Guaranteed UV-protection conforms to the standards and is provided in the range 210-365 nm depending on the color of the lenses. Glasses have a wide region for eye protection reliable fit. New model points ensures a perfect fit with the half masks, dust masks and headphones. For added comfort and protection against flying particles, use a soft seal.


A new model of glasses have a modern design and features a variety of colors of the temples and lenses. The actual form of points and the choice of combinations will allow you to choose your most suitable way. 


Glasses meet the requirements of standards EN 166 (personal eye protection) and EN 172 (sun protection filters for industrial use), TR TS 019/2011.


“We are very excited to start the new year with the presentation of the news. Even nicer to realize that thanks to an innovative approach the purchase of a new model of eyewear becomes a real investment in the health of production workers and hence the quality of life. We hope that members will note the advantages when working new glasses», - said Leonid Zhukotsky, Director of the business group Security and graphics, 3M company.

Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
14 January 2019.


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