A third of entrepreneurs in the Arctic need investors – showed the crowd

In the West, crowdsourcing is used to solve socially significant issues over 5 years. The most representative example is – the Constitution of Iceland, which in 2011-2012 was attended by all the active citizens of the country. Thanks to crowdsourcing were obtained and subsequently used important ideas, and the constitutional reform was the subject of public debate. Finnish Internet-draft the "open Ministry" offers citizens to participate in improving the country's laws. The basic principle of crowdsourcing – the participation of a wide audience in the solution of socially important problems by using information technology. 
The community ’s Business world of the Arctic" was established in the summer of 2015 for public discussion of regional issues and initiatives. The project is initiated Business Council under the State Commission on development of the Arctic, headed by Vice-Premier of RF Dmitry Rogozin. For the first months to the DMA's community joined more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, executives, experts and active residents of Arctic regions who care about the future of their region. Special attention "Business world of the Arctic– is paid to the development of the Northern sea route, as well as increase the tourist potential of the Arctic regions. 
«to understand the real business problems of the Arctic territories and to find practical solutions, not sufficient research and expert advice. You need open communication with the people who form the business world of the Arctic. Our goal – to listen to the best ideas and help in implementing them», - said Sergey Shishkarev, head of the Business Council.
Most suggestions relate to DAM construction and territorial development, application of new materials and technologies, information integration, energy, including the use is not developed in Russia small nuclear energy, and agriculture – development of fish farms.
The authors of the best ideas and proposals will get the opportunity to take part in the work of the Business Council, the next meeting which will be held next year. At the same time the participants of the contest of investment projects will be able to present them to potential investors and partners. The current stage of collecting of offers will end on December 23, 2015.
Partner for the Business Council has become a Foundation of Public Opinion. Under 
the DMA project carried out large-scale sociological research. So,  the first business survey in the Arctic showed that 18% of them recognize the importance of the Northern sea route for their business. The survey also showed that 49% of businesses are interested in the development of the Arctic region, 29% believe that the development of the region will benefit their business.
The state Commission on development of the Arctic, led by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, was created in March 2015, One of its units has become a Business Council under the leadership of Sergey Shishkarev – an Advisory body aimed at supporting entrepreneurship in the Arctic regions and attracting investors to the Russian Arctic. 
The crowdsourcing project ’s Business world of the Arctic" to promote the effective interaction of the Business Council under the state Commission and representatives of the regions. To become a member ’s Business world of the Arctic", need to register on the project website. 

Author Екатерина Иванова (DRIVE ELECTRO),
13 November 2015.


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