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  • Mashex Siberia 2015 will be awarded a gold medal
    03.03.2015 Interview
    Tell us about the competition ’gold medal of the exhibition.  How will the selection of nominees and winners? Contest ’gold medal» aims to celebrate the best products and technologies to help manufacturers gain ...

  • Mashex Siberia 2015 path to success
    03.03.2015 Interview
    On the questions of the correspondent of the portal Abrasives replied Maria Volkova - Director of the project Mashex Siberia 2015.

  • MITEX 2013 will present the world's news 2013
    10.10.2013 Interview
    From 5 to 8 November in Moscow planned for annual instrumental exhibition MITEX - Moscow International Tool Expo.  And today our questions are answered by exhibition Director - Tatyana Bulavina. 

  • Belarusian industrial forum will show achievements of the industry
    05.05.2013 Interview
    An interview with the project Manager, Deputy Director of the exhibition company “Expoforum”, candidate of technical Sciences  Vyacheslav Petlicky about the preparation for the forthcoming Belarusian industrial forum-2013.

  • Expo-Russia Kazakhstan will strengthen the Customs union
    22.04.2013 Interview
    In June 2013 in the city of Almaty will open the fourth exhibition of industrial “Expo-Russia Kazakhstan” 2013. Our correspondent asked questions Vartanov David R. - Chairman of the organizing Committee of ...

  • Interview with the Director of the exhibition METAL-EXPO 2012
    12.11.2012 Interview
    during The discussion of those or other industrial problems it is planned to raise the topic of accession to the WTO?   largely of interest to the huge Russian market is heated again and ...

  • METAL-EXPO 2012 features of the season
    09.11.2012 Interview
    the Continuation of the interview with the General Director of CJSC "METAL-EXPO" Alexey Efimov about the peculiarities of the exhibition "Metal-Expo 2012"

  • Metal-Expo - metallurgical forum of Russia
    31.10.2012 Interview
    Quite a bit of time left before the opening of the exhibition Metal-Expo 2012 in Moscow. Our correspondent had a talk with the Director General of  CJSC "Metal-Expo" Alexey Efimov about the ...

  • MITEX 2012 in partnership with the manufacturers of instruments
    23.10.2012 Interview
    the Largest international electronics exhibition of Russia Moscow International Tool Expo (MITEX 2012) the Organizer of the exhibitions the company “Euroexpo” informs You that the Moscow international Exhibition MITEX-2012 will be held from ...

  • Metalworking 2012 - prospects of development of the industry
    18.06.2012 Interview
    In Moscow completed its work the exhibition Metalworking 2012. Our correspondent met with the representatives of the companies involved in the sale of abrasive tools for manual grinding machines and grinding machines. Our ...

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