Expo-Russia Kazakhstan will strengthen the Customs union

In June 2013 in the city of Almaty will open the fourth exhibition of industrial “Expo-Russia Kazakhstan” 2013. Our correspondent asked questions Вартанову David R. - Chairman of the organizing Committee of the fourth annual Russian-Kazakhstan industrial exhibition and the forum. 

1. What is the value of the Almaty forum is for the development of business in the country? It will be directed on attraction of attention to Kazakhstan or to other countries of the customs Union including?

Answer:  I would Like to note that the Almaty business-forum was held for the first time in the past year as part of the business program of the Russian-Kazakhstan industrial exhibition “Expo-. Kazakhstan”, which the company “Zarubezh-Expo” for the fourth year in a row holds in the city of Almaty. To the present time the exhibition has gained well-deserved authority and has become one of the most important foreign economic  event in relations between our countries. Of course, the very fact of holding such a large-scale exhibition and Congress event in the “the southern capital” of the Republic has made a significant contribution to the development of business in Kazakhstan, attracted the attention of the international business community and to other countries of the Customs Union. I would draw Your attention to the progressive increase of presence at the exhibition of the enterprises of the processing industry of the CIS, actively using the abrasive materials and tools. Recall that the exhibition and the forum will be held on 5-7 June 2013 at the exhibition center “CAPITAL the TOWER”, Almaty, Avenue Seyfulin 50699.    


2.Whether participation of the companies from other foreign countries is expected?

Answer:  no Doubt, it is expected. Initially our exhibition touted as a Russian-Kazakhstan. Subsequently to it have actively joined the company of the Republic of Belarus. With  over time revealed considerable interest in the event and on the part of the States of Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, other potential participants of the Customs Union, a number of countries of the middle East region. In addition, in some sections of the exhibition took part representatives of the business community of Austria, Germany, Norway, Spain, Bulgaria, Armenia. We hope that the list of participants of the exhibition 2013 will be expanded, as we are fully open to cooperation. Taking this opportunity, we invite to the participation of the foreign clients of the portal of “Abrasive.info”.


3. Business forum will open the greeting of higher branch officials from Russia and Kazakhstan. If anyone would be to represent the Government of Belarus?

 Answer: given The high status of the exhibition “Expo-. Kazakhstan”, at the solemn opening ceremony, as a rule, there are senior officials of the state, Parliament, Ambassador, Consul General and he was a trade representative of Russia. Will be read out greetings from the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, the President of the CCI Katyirin, the Head of Rossotrudnichestvo Kosachev, which is also the special representative of the President of Russia on the countries of the CIS, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Slusar. Welcome word from the leadership of his country will present the head of Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the city of Almaty, Rusecky 


4. What regions of Russia are planning to submit their presentations?

Answer:  To the present time the notices to the presentation of the following regions: the city of Omsk, Magnitogorsk, Rostov, Khabarovsk territory, Republic of Chuvashia, Samara region, Republic of Bashkortostan, Stavropol territory, the Tyumen region. I am sure that, prior to the beginning of work of the exhibition participants list of the Russian regions will be significantly extended.


5. What kind of innovations in comparison with the last year's exhibition can be seen at the business forum and industrial exhibition?

Answer: In contrast to the exhibitions of the previous years at this year decided to focus on the specifics, the establishment of direct relations between the companies of the countries of the Customs Union at the interregional level. Significant attention will be paid to the issues of abrasive processing and such aspects of it, as grinding, honing, lapping, polishing, super finish of, grinding and other, as these methods are used practically in all branches of industry to obtain the necessary class of purity of the surface of the parts. In the discussion of issues of interaction in the sphere of manufacturing industry will be involved specialists of the Ministry of industry and new technologies of Kazakhstan. They, in particular, are interested in the Russian experience of the use of abrasive processing to replace operations on metal-cutting machines. This is due to the high requirements to purity, accuracy and interchangeability of parts, introduced for enterprises in Kazakhstan. 



6. Will there be at the event discussed aspects of the accession of the countries of the customs Union into the WTO?

 Answer:  These aspects will be discussed, as is evident even from the official name of the business forum, which sounds so: “Accession to the WTO countries of CEA – the opportunities, prospects and reality for SMEs in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia” Will be held round tables: “inter-Regional cooperation. Presentation of significant regional programs – the conditions and possibilities of participation in their implementation of the SMEs of the countries of the EEA”. “State support of small and medium-sized businesses in the countries of the Customs Union: experience and prospects”, “the Financing of SME in the framework of  the Customs Union”, “Change of duties in the customs Union in connection with the entry into the WTO. Customs payments and taxes in terms of the Customs Union. Exemptions and privileges, tariff preferences”.


7. How many are expected to participants and visitors of the exhibition?

Answer: Grows from year to year the interest of the public of Kazakhstan to the achievements of the Russian industry. We hope that the stands of domestic companies from 18 regions of  visit the thousands of professionals, residents of Almaty, living in Kazakhstan, compatriots. This contributes to the fact, that the exhibition is held in the most modern and fashionable exhibition complex of five-star hotel “CAPITAL the TOWER located on the Central highways of the city.


8. What are the representatives of heavy industry, machine-tool construction and mechanical engineering will be present at the exhibition?

Answer:  as far As we know, the exhibition was visited by the representatives of such major enterprises as the Petropavlovsk heavy machine building plant (PZTM). Machine-tool Plant and the Almaty Factory of Heavy mechanical Engineering (AZTM), which produce different types of machines.

At the factory AZTM and "Montagigziniring" mastered the production of equipment for oil and gas, mining and energy complex. At the plant "Alkor" has been producing of spare parts for the oil and gas equipment. Major manufacturers of engines and spare parts for cars and agricultural machines, equipment for different industries of industry are the factories of "Kazakhstantraktor" (former Almaty Plant of Piston) and "agrotekh". The only enterprise in the CIS according to the disel facilities is the Almaty Electromechanical Factory.

In the Republic developed to the utmost extent agricultural and heavy machinery, as well as the machine tool industry. The enterprises of machine-building industry of Kazakhstan produce mining equipment, equipment for the food, light and chemical industry, metallurgy. The main centers, in which are concentrated machine-building enterprises of the Republic, are cities like Almaty, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Karaganda, Atyrau, and Shymkent. The agricultural machinery industry is concentrated in Pavlodar, Akmola, and enterprises of the electrical engineering – in Aktobe and Taldykorgan. To increase the competitiveness of products of mechanical engineering it is planned to create joint ventures with the leading world firms. We invite to an exhibition company of Kazakhstan, specializing in abrasive processing of materials: “aluminium Oxide-N” and “Almaty-Abrasive”.

9. Will there be in the framework of the business forum discussed the issues of development of technologies and innovations, exchange of experience between the countries-participants?

Answer: a number of round tables in the framework of the Business forum and the exhibition business programme will be mainly devoted to this problem.


10. What kind of reports, round tables and presentations will be interesting for the companies that produce machines, grinding equipment and abrasive tools?


Answer: In one way or another these issues will be raised at all events. I would have paid attention portal of “Abrasives” at the round table on energy. It is supposed to consider issues of cooperation between our countries in the development of the richest deposits of a nice abrasive material - fine siliceous slate, located in Eastern Kazakhstan on the river Dgzaksi-Kayrakty. The properties of this stone has long known local residents; the name of the river does not mean that other, as "good grindstone".

There are prospects for cooperation in the use of the most important Titanium-zirconium Deposit abrasive Sands  “Obukhov” in the North-Kazakhstan region (Kazakhstan). The undoubted interest of the Russian experts may submit joint work on a unique  field “Kumdikol” and expected reserves in areas Shalkar, Sulutobe, Kulet, etc. They completely solve the problem of provision of technical abrasive diamond not only on­needs of Kazakhstan, but also export supplies”. This Deposit in terms of reserves and the content is unique in a worldwide scale: average content of diamonds in the ore zone - 22 carats per tonne, which is several times higher than in the richest deposits; abrasive properties of its diamonds in 1,5-2 times you­more than the technical kimberlite and synthetic.

 11.  whether it is Planned in the nearest time of carrying out of similar actions in other countries?

Answer:  Yes, the company “Zarubezh-Expo” conducting exhibitions “Expo-. Kazakhstan  on an annual basis, mainly in the countries of the CIS. Planned regular exhibitions and business – forums  in Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine and other countries.




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