Belarusian industrial forum will show achievements of the industry


an Interview with the project Manager, Deputy Director of the exhibition company “Expoforum”, candidate of technical Sciences  Vyacheslav Petlicky about the preparation for the forthcoming Belarusian industrial forum-2013 "

Belarusian industrial forum-2013 - a large-scale exhibition project, which according to established tradition, every year in may, being implemented in the capital of Belarus Minsk. On activities in the framework of the forthcoming forum, its active participants of the term and effective work - interview with the project Manager, Deputy Director of the exhibition company “Expoforum”, candidate of technical Sciences  Vyacheslav Petlicky.


What are the goals and objectives pursued Belarusian industrial forum-2013?

First of all, we should say that the Belarusian industrial forum is a practical reflection of the important directions of economic and scientific-technical policy of the Government of the Republic of. Carrying it and brings positive results, including in the sphere of industrial production. Increasing the innovation component in the production volume, increases the level of its competitiveness, which is the strategic task of economic development of the industrial and fuel-energy complex of the Republic. In this demanding circuit tasks of our forum, in fact, is a tool for promotion of advanced technologies of the world level in different spheres of economic and scientific-technological activities.

Over the past years the forum was transformed into an international platform for the  communication and review its own capacity. It is  the possibility of  the representatives of various firms, companies, industries, regions and countries to establish timely business contacts.

In the opinion of its participants, the Belarusian industrial forum annually sends a powerful impulse for the further increase of competitiveness of products of the Belarusian enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets, for the innovative development of the economy, the attraction of foreign investments. He says his main  the goal is to promote the structures of industry and energy in solving the tasks for the search, exchange and implementation of highly-efficient  science-intensive technologies. 


What are the specialized exhibitions will be held in the framework of the event?

Traditionally, our forum is quite saturated with the activities, the content of which, in fact, is formed long before the event by the potential participants. In the framework of the forum will be held: the 17-th international exhibition “BelPromEnergo”, 16-th international Symposium “Technology. Equipment. Quality”, 3-th conference-exhibition “Information technologies in industry “PromIT”, 10-th international contest of energy-effective and resource-saving technologies and equipment, the 9-th Republican competition of welders, 3-I exchange of subcontracts in the industry. In this time the Central core will be the large-scale exposition of “BelPromEnergo”. It has five main areas:

PROMEXPO - industrial technologies and products of mechanical engineering, instrument making, metallurgy, electrical, optical-mechanical and electronic industry.

PROMENERGO - industrial technologies of fuel-energy complex.

Energy SAVING - energy-effective and resource-saving technologies in industry, energy, construction, urban and housing and communal services.

THE SCIENCE AND INNOVATION, research and development, innovative projects.

WELDING AND CUTTING equipment and technology, tools and equipment for welding and cutting.


During the forum it is expected to hold the 3-rd exchange of subcontracts. What is this event and to whom it may be interesting? 

Indeed, in the format of the Belarusian industrial forum will be organized by the stock exchange of subcontracts in the industry. This specialized event, aimed at development of cooperative relations between large industrial enterprises and small and medium-sized entities. Such exchange, in the framework of the Belarusian industrial forum was held twice now and have had positive results when conducting prepared by the negotiations of the authorized representatives of the enterprises-customers (contractors) with the potential suppliers (subcontractors) on the issues of manufacturing and delivery of products, components, units, parts according to the technical specification of the customer Participation in the exchange provides the opportunity to reduce the time costs associated with search and selection of qualified suppliers, able to perform the order in accordance with the technical task. Company-suppliers shall provide information on their production capacities, the level of workload, work experience. In the framework of the exchange is the formation of market prices. The organizer of the stock exchange of subcontracts in the industry is the Department of entrepreneurship of the Ministry of economy of the Republic of Belarus. For participation in the exchange has already received more than 20 applications of the enterprises (contractors) for supply of components, units, parts. Work is currently underway on the search of our subcontractors - enterprises have the capacity to fulfill the orders of enterprises, which submitted applications for the participation in the stock exchange of subcontracts.


Are expected to be the representatives of other countries on the forum?

of Course, because our exhibition project has a status of international. In  the framework of the Belarusian industrial forum is traditionally presented their products of over 200 companies, organizations, enterprises and companies from many countries. In particular, in 2012 took part in the exhibition companies from Austria, Belgium, great Britain, Germany, Iran, Italy, China, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Japan and, of course, Belarus. And in this year “geography” participants of the forum will be not less extensive: have already registered applications for participation companies from 12 countries.


What kind of events in the framework of the forum will be interesting for the producers of machines and grinding equipment?

I Believe that the specialists of the machine tool industry, especially engineers, designers, technologists and programmers in full will be able to satisfy his  professional interest in the section PROMEXPO exhibition “BelPromEnergo”, because the participants of the exhibition are planning to become such well-known machine-tool and tool companies, as JSC «MZOR”, JSC «Prue THEM P. M. MASHEROV”, JSC «VISTAN”, JSC «machine-tool plant them. After S.M. Kirov”, JSC «machinery plant “Red fighter”, JSC «StankoGomel”, JSC «Gomel machine tool units plant”, JSC «Kuzlitmash”, JSC «Baranovichi plant of machine-tool accessories”, the “Gomel plant of special tools and technological equipment”.


How the Government of the Republic takes part in the organization of this event? 

Traditionally, the Belarusian industrial forum is held under the patronage of the Government of the Republic of Belarus. The order of the Prime Minister created an organizing Committee headed by the First Deputy of the Prime Minister V. I. Semashko., which consists of representatives of providing official support of the sectoral line ministries, as well as of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the State Committee for science and technologies of the Republic of Belarus, Department on energy efficiency of the State Committee for standardization of the Republic of Belarus, all regional Executive committees and Minsk city Executive Committee, Belarusian chamber of Commerce and industry, the Belarusian engineering society, the Republican Association of industrial enterprises of “BekAPP” and other interested organizations The decisions taken by the organizing Committee, contribute to the timely and quality implementation of all program events of the forum.


Affiliated with any regions of Russia annually are of the greatest interest to the Belarusian industrial forum?

In different years on our forum held presentation of the activities of the North-Western Federal district of Russia, Republic of Mordovia, Volgograd, Lipetsk, Novgorod, Penza, Ryazan, Samara, Sverdlovsk, oblasts, and the cities of Novosibirsk and Omsk


In the framework of the forum there will pass the 10-th international contest of energy-effective and resource-saving technologies and equipment. What a nomination for it contains, and what the rewards to the winners?

The aim of the competition is to promote escalating of release of the energy - and resource-saving production, development and introduction of science-intensive energy - resource-saving and ecologically clean technologies and energy efficient equipment, devices and materials, creation of conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation in the investment sphere Since the competition is held in the framework of the exhibition project, the main nominations of the contest correspond to areas of expositions of the “BelPromEnergo” of the Belarusian industrial forum. This year the contest is represented 44 project of 36 organizations, including in the following nominations:

1. Industrial technologies and products of mechanical engineering, instrument making, metallurgy, electrical, optical-mechanical and electronic industries - 10 projects.

2. Industrial technologies of fuel-energy complex - 7 projects.

3. energy-Efficient and resource-saving technologies in industry, energy, construction, urban and housing and communal services - 12 projects.

4. Scientific research and development, innovative projects - 7 projects.

the Winners of the contest will be awarded with diplomas of the Belarusian industrial forum. The most effective development will be recommended by the competitive Commission to participation in contracts for the supply of products for the national economy objects.


Who would you be noted from the participants of the competition?

Each project, presented for the contest, important and interesting and will be appreciated professional competitive Commission. The breadth of the subject spectrum can be evaluated in the following examples:

  • “the Introduction of technologies and equipment for thermo-hardening of the surface on the basis of fiber-optic laser scanning beam parts of hydromechanical transmission BelAZ” (“BELAZ” is the managing company of the holding company “BELAZ-HOLDING”, of the open joint-stock company);
  • “The device of deep utilization of flue gas” (the Scientific-research and design Republican unitary enterprise “BELTEI”);
  • energy-saving gamble-double-glazed Windows  (“Gomelsteklo”, open joint-stock company);
  • “A robot-manipulator for the application of polyurethane foam seals on a class of IP-65  (Belarusian state University Scientific-research institution “Institute of applied physical problems of them. A.N. Savchenko” BSU).


What other competitive events will be held in the framework of the forum?

In the framework of the forum is traditionally held open Republican competition of welders - the most spectacular and exciting event of the. On the ground have already been held qualifying competitions and more than 150 of the best representatives of this profession will demonstrate their skills in the contest's final.


please rate the impact of the annual industrial forum on the economy of Belarus.

The exhibited at the exhibition of the Belarusian industrial forum of the latest design, progressive and promising technologies are always in demand for practical application in the specific production conditions. This creates a good start for the further development of innovations, modernization of the most important industrial enterprises, production of competitive products, creation of new productions, using advanced energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies. And as a consequence - to the sustainable growth of the economy of Belarus. 



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