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From 5 to 8 November in Moscow planned for annual instrumental exhibition MITEX - Moscow International Tool Expo.  And today our questions are answered by exhibition Director - Tatyana Bulavina. 

Tatiana, how many exhibitors planning to participate in the exhibition? 

this year will participate about 500 companies from more than 20 countries of the world: the manufacturers of tools, equipment and wholesale companies - suppliers of a tool. Among them there are such leaders of the tool industry: SPARKY, Vneshtechcontract, GERMAN TOOLS, Interskol, Kaercher, Lit trading, Metabo, Unisos, Hitachi Power Tools Neserlands, HYUNDAI, Hermes   In such a short interviews are difficult to list them all, so it is better to come to the exhibition to see all exhibitors with the latest instrumental novelties own eyes.

Representatives of which countries of the far abroad will present their products at the exhibition?

In this year on the exhibition will be again collective expositions of Germany, China, Taiwan and the Czech Republic, are also involved companies from Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, great Britain, Italy, India, Japan, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Korea, Pakistan, Liechtenstein, USA

What tools will be presented at the exhibition? 

The MITEX-2013 exhibitors will present instrument for practically all branches of industry.  Will and construction tools and power equipment, and garden machinery, wood - and metal-processing tool, tools and equipment for car-care centers, as well as bench and installation tools. Our visitors are professional users of the tool: construction companies, woodworking (furniture) enterprises and workshops, public utilities, forest-Park economy, car and other   Each visitor will find something interesting for yourself.  And the representatives of not only show the novelties, but also to advise on all issues - the use, purchase, delivery, repair of the instrument.  Visit the exhibition is a unique opportunity to meet with manufacturers and major suppliers personally, to establish direct contact. 

What else awaits visitors? 

this year we made a lot of efforts to develop and carry out an interesting program for visitors.  We are actively working with RAPTE (Association of Manufacturers and Trade organizations of power tools and small machines) and this year our joint efforts led to the fact that the exhibition during the three days (5-7 November) DEMO AREA will be.  This area is visually divided into two parts,.  In one part of the seminar, the participants of the exhibition will hold demonstrations and seminars on the instruments.  About his participation in this project have already declared such companies as "Interskol brand Felisatti, Bosch, Hilti, StanleyBlack&Decker, Hitachi.  the Company INTERSKOL present in the work of the revolutionary the angle grinding machine with unprecedented consumer characteristics.  Brand Felisatti will present at the exhibition МИТЕХ 2013 new direction of woodworking equipment "Felisatti Wood». At the estimation of the specialists, it could become one of the brightest events of the exhibition. 

the Second part of the demonstration zone between the share of the company and Hilti Bosch.  For three days they will hold the demonstration tool, contests for the visitors. 

for several years in the framework of the exhibition passes «Student program”.  We work with relevant Universities and schools, and arrange group exhibition visiting students. 

And, of course, I can not say about the traditional program of log Wood-master, which this year will present the program "Tool - the chief assistant of the master!».  Here visitors can get acquainted with news instrument market leading producers, to learn more about all the pros and minuses of this or that tool from the professional artisans, show different master-classes, try yourself in the work of the tools and snap-in to him, to participate in competitions, purchase and crafts made of the tree

Known whether what outstanding achievements and new technological developments will be presented at the event any participant?

Each of the participants of the exhibition will present something unique.  difficult to list them All.  On the official website of the exhibition, in the section «News exhibition» we regularly publish information about all the novelties which visitors can see the exhibition.  But bright moments can be. 


As I said, with a large program this year are  Interskol» (present in the work of the revolutionary angle grinding machine with unprecedented consumer properties) and brand Felisattithat will provide the whole direction Felisatti Wood.

  • Sparky will present a new power in the series Heavy Duty.
  • "Greenfield», in addition to the presentation of new models of light and heavy, will offer guests the additional hinged equipment all models of heavy , which allows to expand sphere of their application of.
  • "Trade techno" for the first time will present at the exhibition MITEX-2013 pneumatic tool Italian company DINO PAOLI S.r.l. and Taiwanese industrial Corporation AIRPRO.
  • Magicut will present Indian instrument, and OrbisWill, German manufacturer of high quality pliers and  tool will show visitors and their novelties. 
  • LLC "Vira" will present the most creative series of spades 2013 from "Shrews». 
  • Swiss Corporation Leica Geosystems is a leading global developer and manufacturer of measurement instruments for construction, and systems geospatial positioning will present at the exhibition MITEX-2013 measuring technologies and equipment for the construction, redevelopment of premises and land plots, finishing works and geodetic maintenance of construction 
  • Engineering company York spol.’s r.o. will present tools under the brand name York, which are successfully sold all many countries of the world (Europe, USA, Canada). 
  • The firm RUKO, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality cutting tool in the world will present a wide range of products for almost all branches of industry. 
  • Japan  exhibition will be represented by several companies.  the Company Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd  will present measuring instruments.  Also Japanese instrument will show and “Siem Groups  is the official supplier in the Russian Federation of the Japanese instrument Tajima, a leading manufacturer of hand tools. 
  • HITACHI will present innovations in the area of power tools and gardening equipment, enhance and the risk of harmful effects on the operator;  unique Li-ion tools that are not yet on market other developments of Japanese engineers. 

Everyone sooner or later begin to think about how and where to store the tool. 

  • "ELITE LAYER" is present with tool boxes universal boxes, produced at the domestic production under own trade mark "PROFBOX”.  After a three year break TM Blocker (OOO "Plastic Republic this will again present its products on an exhibition Mitex 2013. The assortment of TM Blocker consists of more than 50 SKU in including tool boxes, but  organizers, blocks and sets for small items, trays for fasteners, and a new dynamically growing direction - the goods for the hunters and fishermen.
  • the Company MIRKA will present at the exhibition a new product - MIRKA® DEROS, impressive for its guests.  company "MAMMOTH-M  will present several novelties at once.  As the official dealer of Finnish company FISKARS company will present the share of a new axe-chopper Solid A19 at a very attractive price, and the American company IRWIN will present a new construction Sharpie permanent markers. 
  • "Hammer-trade» will present at the exhibition MITEX-2013 full range of household electric tools and equipment "SHTORMPOWER”.  And the company Rebir plans to please the users ordinary news - new disc saws, planes, mixer, grinder. 
  • AuroraOnlineChannel - will demonstrate the technique in, hold tests and presentation garden, construction and power engineering AURORA.
  • The group of companies ELEKON " (ELEKON), official representative of the brand Kerona in Russia, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, will present at the exhibition a full line of heating equipment. 

On products that represent our members, we can talk for a long time.  But I think it is better to 1 to see once, than 100 times to read or hear.  So everyone is welcome at MITEX c 5 to 8 November in Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya. 


On the website of the exhibition have the information that those interested can receive education and find a job. Tell us more about this feature.

As I mentioned, this year we continue to Student program aimed at creating professional preferences among young specialists. The program is intended for listeners of Moscow State Construction University (MGSU) and the Moscow State Forest University (MSFU), building colleges, training centres of large construction companies. Students and young professionals will have the opportunity to undergo training and to find a new job right at the exhibition.

What effective solutions advice would you give to visitors of the exhibition of the number of consumers инструментарной products, to get the maximum benefit from this event?

The MITEX-2013, you can see the tool and the equipment works, to find new partners, to make right at the exhibition profitable contracts for the new season, to clarify the situation on the market, get the best price offers the tool to get information on innovations and new trends in the industry in General  MITEX - effective marketing tool for all professionals whose business is connected with the tools.


Visit in the demonstration zone, look in action woodworking equipment and tools for work with concrete and visit the many entertainment shows and you will see how interesting and even exciting exhibition of tools can be!


we are Waiting for You from 5 to 8 November in Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya, the leading instrumental Russia exhibition MITEX 2013!


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