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Mashex Siberia

On the issues of the portal Abrasives replied Maria Volkova - Director of the project Mashex Siberia 2015.

Full swing preparing for the International exhibition of machine building and Metalworking Mashex Siberia 2015, which is scheduled for the end of March. Who has already announced the placement of their stands with equipment, materials and technologies for surface treatment of metals? There is a foreign company?

Indeed, the exhibition Mashex Siberia 2015 is very actively being developed, despite the ambiguous conditions of business environment. We expect Mashex Siberia 2015  will identify the strongest companies that are not afraid to challenge the tide changes, because the exhibition as a mirror that reflects the market conditions in the region.

However, the participants Mashex Siberia remains fairly stable. Traditionally the main sections of the exhibition are the "metal», «welding”, “Tools”, “Industrial automation” and "engineering".  

We should also say about the new direction ’Equipment, materials and technologies for surface treatment”, which was displayed in a separate thematic section in 2014. Despite the fact that the surface preparation is often one of the steps in the production of products and equipment, the significance of this process is growing. In 2015, this section will be attended by such companies as “Intellectual machine», «Sitex», «Terragrip  etc.

With a detailed list of participants and their profile can be found on the website

Will be held in the framework of the event the conference on actual problems of engineering. Who will it be?

Today specialized exhibition it is impossible to imagine without the supporting business program, which involves pressing issues of the industry and highlights trends. Mashex Siberia is no exception. In the business program of the exhibition many interesting events on current industry topics. One of them is the II international scientific-practical conference " Actual problems in engineering. 

Participants will be able to discuss the interaction between science and industrial enterprises, improvement of production technology of machine parts, the creation and study of advanced structural materials, as well as innovation and investment approaches in the industry.

The conference will be discussed such important topics as:

  • innovative engineering technologies;
  • technological equipment, tools and instruments;
  • science in mechanical engineering;
  • economy and organization of innovation processes in mechanical engineering.

The conference Organizers: Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Donbass state machine-building Academy, Belarusian national technical University, Novosibirsk state technical University, JSC NTP and EI ’Orgstankinprom», LLC npcf ’Massiveprong», scientific-technical and production journal "metal", Kuzbass state technical University, Kemerovo regional branch of PARADISE, Siberian state industrial University, Altai state technical University. I. I. Polzunov, Biysk technological Institute of the Altai state technical University n.a. I. I. Polzunov, Institute of strength physics and materials science SB RAS, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Bratsk state University. 

Continued should.


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