The action on the abrasive discs sumasalamin for grinding of log cabins

abrasive disc ps18 125 Klingspor

Anti-сrisis proposal on velcro abrasive discs 125mm

With the onset of the season of grinding of wooden houses we want to please the builders and developers and announce a share for the supply of grinding wheels Velcro PS18EK with a diameter of 125mm. Price 10 cents per single sheet grain P60, 80, 100, 120.

Velcro abrasive discs PS18 EK with a diameter of 125mm is the most popular when sanding wooden log cabins and timber houses. Due to the open loading of abrasive grains, it provides long life without clogging of the surface with resin and wood dust. The grains are in working condition until complete abrasion. Velcro layer firmly holds the sheet on the surface of a support and does not slip with her.

Action starts on the 1st of June 2016goda before the announcement of its end.


Terms and conditions of the promotion at circles

Promotional price applies to circles with a diameter of 125mm PS18EK with holes and without holes when you purchase 1000 sheets of the same size of grain.

  • 125mm PS18EK (GLS0, GLS5) P40 - 11 rubles.
  • 125mm PS18EK (GLS0, GLS5) P60, 80, 100, 120 - 10 rubles.

I Hope that our action will help to reduce costs to developers and builders for the purchase of abrasive nozzles for power tools in the construction season of 2016.

We invite You for shopping in Shop Tools in TVC Sindika, pavilion А506,


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Abrasive disc 125mm Klingspor
Author Максим Соколов (SHOP OF TOOLS),
1 June 2016.


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