Drive Electro presented Mosgortrans prospects of implementation


Sergei Ivanov, General Director of Drive Electro: “last year the city became the first city in Russia, where the route has issued a series of trolleys with long-term Autonomous way, which features a unique drive lithium-titanate batteries. This is an important event for the Russian electric. Experience Tula showed that today the introduction of the most modern environmentally-friendly transport is already not "demonstration of innovation” – and cost-effective solution, suitable for most of the major cities of Russia.  The company estimates the Drive Electro, savings from implementation of Autonomous trolleybuses in Tula alternatively, the construction of transport infrastructure in the new  areas of the city exceeded 60%.

Recall, Tula ordered 16 of the trolley with self-contained course on the basis of Trolza "Metropolis". Trolley with elektrobosna regime aims to provide transport to new areas of the city where there are no substations and contact network. Stock Autonomous run this trolley can range from 10-50 km Tula modification has the stock independent course 15 km, the Model moves as trolley, accumulating energy in the drive  Li-titanate the batteries, and then, using the automated system lowers the bar pantographs and moves offline due electrodraught. Among the main advantages of this type of transport — the economic benefit from the use of electrodraught on routes without contact networks, the ability to avoid obstacles and environmental friendliness.

«Moscow trolleybus today is 88 routes with a length of 960 kilometers, more than 1,200 units of rolling stock on the line and more than 1.1 million passengers daily. However, this type of public transport, perhaps, more than others in need of modernization, the choice of strategy for its further development. In the course of the scientific-technical Council jointly with Russian and international experts, we will consider the experience of different countries and cities, evaluate the potential and identify the main priorities for the development of electric transport in the capital", - said the General Director of state unitary enterprise " Mosgortrans» Evgeny Mikhailov.


Author Екатерина Иванова (DRIVE ELECTRO),
6 February 2015.


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