«Festival of joiner's business» gathered positive people


The First Festival of joiner's business, completed its work the exhibition center Sokolniki. Specialists in the field of woodworking once again gathered for an exchange of experience, acquaintance with new tools, equipment and positive emotions.

Called the festival of the first can only be conditionally. For eight consecutive years occur such meetings entitled «Gathering of Artisans». Every year  number of forum participants has grown, the former open platform became the  small». The choice of CC "Sokolniki» venue "Festival of the Joinery" showed their worth  and foresight. Even heavy rain did not stop to come to professionals and Amateurs for an expected event.


Vsevolod Poltavtsev tells of joiner's business


The festival organizers did everything necessary to as capacious represent all the areas of the joinery. The composition of the participants could be the envy of any regional show. Status of the majority of participants refers to the rank of a representative office, which has increased the importance of  the Festival of the Joinery", and  presence at a rally of the authoritative persons of joiner's business world level attracted the specialists of all levels.

The company participants presented at the festival's wide range of products: a manual carpenter's tools,  rigging, measuring tools, wood products, varnishes, adhesives, paint tool, pneumatic staplers, bench work and installation tools, ironmongery, rivet technology,  woodworking machines. The important point was that the "Festival of joiner's business” in fact, everywhere, anyone could try exhibited  tools, numerous master-classes to improve their skills, knowledge of the instrument and technological process.


Young шлифовальщики at the Festival of joiner's business


The editors of the portal of  the Abrasives first of all, interested participants on the stands which were presented abrasive materials and tools, grinding machines, machine tools. Compared with previous years, their number increased. Traditionally, as in the seventh "Rally Artisans in  the Festival of the Joinery» companies participated: "Interskol», «Robert Bosch», «DeWolt», «ITA-SPb", "Profile", "CAEP Varnish». This year the list of thematic meeting participants joined the company: "the IDT Toolstechnik systems», «Mirka Rus», «Klingspor», «Abrasivekomplekt», «Grinding technology», «Optimist», «Croco”.


ABC of the joiner's tool


Each of participants tried to demonstrate the maximum number of tools suitable for wood processing. Numerous visitors intently analyzed the beans to all features of the application of abrasive tools, hand grinding machine, grinding equipment and their capabilities. Many people immediately shared their experience in the use of abrasive tools.  all The stands of the work went on. It is important to note that the atmosphere of the festival throughout it remained positive. "Rally Artisans brings, often discuss issues of application of the tool on the forum artisans, but live communication with members helps to better understand the subtleties of skill and me, an experienced foreman, not shameful to learn tool ownership new", said the visitor of the festival.

As for the submitted on  the Festival of the Joinery» trade marks which are similar to the theme of the portal Abrasives, surprisingly, there was quite a lot.


Festival of joiner's business 2013


Grinding and sharpening machines were represented trademarks: JET, Elmos, Work Sharp, Kirschen, Tormek.

Hand grinders: Felisatti, Bosch, DeWolt, Mirka, Festool, Makita, Fine, Interskol, Shumake, Profil, Royce, Dremel. 

Abrasive materials and tools: Interskol, Felisatti, Kreeb, Mirka, Klingspor, Smirdex, Kovax, Sanmight, Cibo, Deerfors, Bosch, Ataka, Kutzal.

Polishing tools: Kreeb, Isistem, Felisatti.

About where to buy the products of brands, the participants of the festival promised to tell portal "Abrasives». We hope that this will happen, and You can easily buy everything you need for pleasure while you loved joinery.

Revision portal "Abrasives" expresses its gratitude to the organizers of  the Festival of the joinery" company "planning machines No" and all the participants of the forum Artisans - forum.woodtools.ru



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