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Karabash Abrasive Plant


The Union of the enterprises of the construction industry was recognized that Karabash Abrasive is ecologically clean ’zelenim» material; this is confirmed by the Certificate № 00019/With-2013 about the correspondence of materials and products categories ecologically clean “green” building materials (Karabash abrasive assigned to the "First" category).

As Karabash abrasive (copperslag) passed the state examination in «Federal state health institution " Centre for hygiene and epidemiology in the Chelyabinsk region” with the following conclusion: «abrasive Powder conforms to the requirements of the Federal Law " On sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population– no. 52-F3 from g., article 14, 43. and approved for application in metallurgy and civil engineering without restrictions. 

Author Абразивы Карабашские (Karabashskiy abrazivnyi zavod),
17 April 2014.


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