Published a report on the state of abrasive industry in the United States


Abrasive industry of the USA consists of about 300 companies with gross annual income of approximately 4 billion dollars, according to a press release of the “ Research and markets” (Research and Markets).

Abrasive industry  is characterized by high concentration in which 50 of the largest companies provide more than 85% of the industry's profits..

the Share of imports of abrasives in the United States is 25%, while the largest suppliers are China, Canada and Germany. U.S. exports 15% of its production of abrasive materials, mainly in Canada, Mexico and Germany..

In this study, it is noted that the branch of manufacture of abrasives is a capital-intensive, in the USA the volume of sales per employee is about 300 thousand dollars a year.

the Annual income of the global industry abrasives is about 30 billion dollars. The leading countries-producers of abrasive materials are China, Germany and Japan.. The largest international companies are American 3M, Japanese  Noritake, French Saint-Gobain, the Austrian Tyrolit.




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  • 26 July 2012 в 22:58 Трушин Эдуард Китай? Смешно даже слушать! Лучший абразивный инструмент однозначно в Японии, США и Швейцарии.

  • 26 July 2012 в 23:06 Трушин Эдуард Извините но прорвало! Уже 2 с лишнем года как ушел от абразивной темы! Но видимо не совсем. Китай может производить тонны абразивного материала, но в плане технологии они топчатся на месте! Не ведитесь на этот бред.