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Abrasive blast. Advantages over sand

Abrasive powder – this is the material for sandblasting the surface. There are many abrasives for the implementation of blasting works, for example: superslab, nickelsen, quartz sand, slag, selfthere and others.

unfortunately, at the present time, the quartz sand is used as one of the most common abrasives due to its availability and low cost. But the sand is very harmful, he is the cause of the disease silicosis, which in the future may develop into cancer. Abrasive powder (superslab, suprasec) superior to conventional sand on all counts, if we are talking about the surface treatment using sandblasting equipment.

Abrasive powder, which You can buy from LLC "Karabash Abrasives" greatly surpasses many other abrasive materials:

For superslice characterized by the lowest value of surface preparation among all abrasives;

Performance sandblasting surface treatment using Kara 3-4 times higher in comparison with sand;

- Abrasive materials are easily removed from the surface;

- Abrasive powder contains no quartz in pure form (protection from disease packetradio ’silicosis );

- Suprasec environmentally safe, non-toxic, has low dust levels;

- Abrasive powder has a high flowability.


We have our own production of abrasive materials that will allow You at any time buy Karabash abrasives at a low price. The cost of superslice and prices for all abrasive equipment you can contact our specialists by phone 8 (34397)62184, 8(34397)62185.

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    Karabashskiy abrazivnyi zavod: AD LLC «Karabashskie Abrazivy» produces abrasive powder, is used for anticorrosive protection of surfaces, construction, ship-repair for the preparation of a surface before colouring. Company page on the portal