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Disks with pobedit incisors against diamond discs

Disks with pobedit incisors against diamond discs

Quite often, these wheels are used for cutting concrete and stone, but not everyone will remember that each of them has its own peculiarities. So diamond disk should be used for dry cutting of concrete, with discs победитовыми cutters are ideal for wet cutting.

The supporters of disks with pobedit cutters indicate that they have sufficient material of these discs is grinded very long period of time. What distinguishes them from diamond discs, where coverage incisors more subtle, and diamonds fairly quickly fall out of the basics. Here's impossible not to agree. However, for example, specialists of the the North-Western Trading housewhich are longer than one year are engaged in selection of the type of goods to their customers, emphasize that the diamond disks also has its undeniable advantages and some supporters. So those who prefer to work with diamond disks recommend the use of turbo drives. Such discs, although they are no cuts, still have intermittent work surface. They are designed for cutting various hard materials, including and in the presence of reinforcement inside. By turbo provides high cutting speed.

Thus, we can conclude that each of these types of drives have its positive sides and durability of the circle depends primarily on cutting technology, which uses a wizard and material.

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