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Grinding circle for those who counts the money

This article is intended for people who cleaning weld seam and the want to save!!!  Fibre circles with a mineral Cubitron™ II  - combine high aggressiveness and very slow depreciation, high quality of the surface and reduce the number of subsequent operations. That allows you to save money, time and materials to people who could count.  For example: You industrialist and consume about 100 grinding (Stripping) circles (125*6*22 at the price of up to 25 rubles) per week. For permanent use, 5 angle grinders, for example (angle grinders 150/1300 Interskol).

Translate all the MONEY.  the Range grinding disc (at the price of up to 25 rubles) 125*6*22 the average wholesale price of 25 rubles per share. It turns out 25*100 = 2500 rubles. The percentage of marriage with such circles is about 10-12%, 10 laps marriage 10*25 = 250 rubles, which is 250 rubles * 4 = 1000 rubles, which you spent just. Cheap grinding circles poorly balanced in connection with this, the increases in 2-3 times depreciation angle grinders (there are problems with the anchor, front and rear bearing rotor, come into disrepair cover gearbox and rear bearing).

Because of the beating of grinding disc is broken seats spacer on the spindle, which leads to a permanent costly repairs and final replacement of the sanding machine. In the middle of the failure are 2 grinding machines a month, which is 3600 rubles 1 thing 2* 3600 = 7800 roubles. Anchor angle grinders 150/1300 639,83 rubles per month break of about 3 pieces : 4 x 739 = 2956 rubles. Top bearing a monthly average of 20-30 pieces of 31 rubles thing : 25 x 39 = 975 rubles. Spindle angle grinders 5-7 pieces in a month : 6 x 55 rouble = 330 rubles. Cover of the gear of about 5-7 per month 6*97 rubles = 582 rubles. Button switch 4 pieces 390 rubles = 4*390 = 1560 roubles. In addition, a high probability that grinding disc installed on the Bulgarian may fly, and cause harm to the operator. But it is an invaluable harm to your production.  7800 + 2956 + 775 + 330 + 582 + 1560 = 14003 rubles a month, you will have to leave the service bolgarok when using the Stripping circles up to the value of 25 rubles per share.

When using the wheel on the basis of fiber Cubitron™ II  125*22 R36 + processing speed is increased in 2-3 times, and this speeds up the process (if, for example, time spent on the processing of weld during processing grinding disc takes about 6 minutes, Cubitron™ II  consult for 3 minutes (wages of the working 10,000 rubles a month - 10000/23 working days = 434 working days 434 working 8 hours = 54 ruble hour/60 min = 0,9 Accordingly, the cost of treatment of the weld grinding disc is 1.08 rubles.   Fibers grinding disc Cubitron™ II about 0,54 of the ruble. Every 20 cm processing of the weld you will be worth 2.7 rubles cheaper. Wear resistance is higher by 2-3 times, and it is not 100 circles every week, and only 50 pieces.  Another argument in favor of the discs Cubitron™ II - the lack of marriage (if it is found defective circle, then you will get 2 new in return from Your supplier). Due to the ideal of a balanced design of the depreciation of the Bulgarians below 2.5 times: 7800 + 2956 + 775 + 330 + 582 + 1560 = 14003 rubles /2,5 = 5601 rubles per month!!!

Due to The fiber basis, the range of Cubitron™ II  gently handles the surface. The operator gets less tired and accordingly increases the productivity of labor.

Let us summarize the RESULTS for the month: обдирочный circle: costs circles 110 rubles *4 weeks = 440 ps. * 25 rubles = 11000 rubles. Maintenance angle grinders 7200 + 2556 + 775 + 330 + 582 = 14003 rubles. Cost of processing of grinding disc 1 cm seam is 1.08 rubles. If in a month process of 3000 square centimeters seam *1,08 = 3240 rubles.  processing Speed is 3-4 times lower. Total 28243 rubles per month at a rate of 3 times less than the Cubitron™ II  : 50*4 = 200 pieces * 90 rubles = 18000 roubles. The cost of servicing angle grinders will be 3600 + 1278 + 387 + 165 + 291 = 5601 rubles. Frame (one-time purchase) 563 rubles * 5 = 2815 rubles. The cost price of processing of 1 cm seam is 1.08 of the ruble. If in a month process 3000 cm *0,54 = 1602 rubles. Total 28018 rubles taking into account that, you need to buy a frame.

The next month you already save 2815 rubles. And so every subsequent month! While productivity increased in 3-4 times. The service life of angle grinders increase in 2 times. Workers will be less tired and run with greater efficiency.

the Choice is obvious!  Fibre circles with a mineral Cubitron™ II  made a great impression on the factories, which every day are faced with the tasks of: cleaning of the weld preparation of metal for welding, removing the dross, the destruction of the spray from welding, chamfering with the pipe is not leaving the colors discoloration. But unfortunately, at many enterprises of Russia plays into the stereotype that at low cost of the labour force "the Price of consumables does not justify the costs", we do not think so. We offer You to test fiber circles Cubitron™ II  at Your enterprise and ensure their efficacy.

In OOO "Nanoprom" You can buy a fibre circles Cubitron™ II 982С 125*22 R36 for this call by phone +7 (84235) 40925 or place your order by mail info@nanop.ru

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