Козулина Анастасия:
History of the creation of abrasive wheels

The word «abrasive» came to us from the ancient world: the Latin word for «abrasio» means «scraping». Abrasive materials are those that are made of minerals of high hardness. Abrasive circle consists of grains of abrasive material which bears bakelite or ceramic sheaf. There are natural and artificial abrasive materials. In the production of more use artificial, as their physical and mechanical properties are more stable. The birthplace of the abrasive instruments can be considered as India, because that is where the workers engaged in diamond cutting precious stones, did mixture of pulverized corundum and shellac, and then formed her in the drive. At the end of the last century Englishman Barclay created grinding wheels made of clay and grinding cereals. However, they had one important disadvantage field firing, they lost one of its most important qualities - strength and крошились at the slightest exertion. Вулканитовый tool also comes with his horses from England, a representative of this country - Батеман mixed rubber, grey, abrasive grain formed them and вулканизировал. So from the end of the last century in the production of the two types of ligaments: inorganic and organic. The choice of Il another variant depend tool parameter, such as strength, duration of use. In the case of organic binder circles can be made to tenths of a millimeter (this remains small diameter from 100 to 200 millimeters). For his tight composition circle on вулканитовой conjunction earned the trust in the spheres is of great lateral pressure (cut). If to speak about an abrasive sample on an organic basis, the grain embraces weaker. When the temperature in the process of grain processing are pressed into the bunch, the tool starts more gently scrape the surface becomes much clearer than for other methods of treatment.

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Author Анастасия Козулина (North-west Trading house),


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