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Reducing the cost of production due to grinding tools

Any competent and caring industrialist always considers not the cost of the materials as such, but the cost per unit of output. If the use of expensive but high-quality tools allows to reduce the cost per unit of production, the use of such tools is justified. In addition, a good, solid and typically, the more expensive the tool safer to use, has a solid mounting system and removal - once again saving on working time and other advantages.

What am I doing? To that monotonous, manual, expensive and not always quality work in a profile grinding in 99% of cases it is possible to mechanize or automate. Many, for self-development technology on their industries, make a number of errors.

First you need to understand that the problems at the stage of profile milling, greatly increase the costs of grinding. The money saved on a good cutter or the equipment will never pay for the increased cost of grinding, final surface quality will remain in question. If the cutter is "unworthy" of quality, it can not physically efficiently cut the fibers of wood and begins to tear. This is especially noticeable on the gnarled places, there is the mill just pulls the whole layers of the fibers, leaving behind not only rude sticking out of the pile, but deep indentations. It is also necessary to pay attention to the vibration between the cutter and the workpiece, as formed in this case "wave" almost is not deleted even when hand sanding.

Secondly, the most difficult, in than a stumble, it is well to choose the form of a grinding wheel and operating parameters. In addition, there are several different types of polishing tools, each tool has its own individual settings. For example, for sanding brushes DE-TERO® Flex there are such parameters as: the width of the petal, the height of the grinding brush, abrasive type substrate material, the number of segments, the diameter of the grinding brush, the number of revolutions per minute, the force, speed, feed and much, much more. As you can see by yourself with this quite difficult to understand.

But in the third, for it is we. Our team of professionals is ready to pick up and, if need be, to produce individually to meet your production needs grinding tools for profile grinding and choose the parameters.

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