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What to do if a diamond disc does not cut?

In this situation, there can be several reasons. They may be connected with the wrong choice of goods, characteristics of disc, and equipment, where the disc is placed.

The first reason – hardness disk is too big for the material being cut. In this situation, You can consult the distributor of diamond disks. He tells You what range is suitable for the chosen material. Diamond wheels Hammer, for example, have handy classification depending on the purpose of cutting. One more possible cause of – the lack of power output to a circle cut properly (weak belt tension, lack of engine power, voltage).

To resolve this error, check the belts if the power output of the engine with Your equipment required. Shelf life of a segmented disk has not yet come to an end, however, the range does not cut material. This is one of the most common questions. In this case, cut the abrasive disk before until you see the diamonds. This can be repeated periodically. But if the circle is затупляться quite often, it is a sign that it is not suitable for cutting the material, as is too hard for him. By the way, the reason that the drive is too often затупляется, may be non-observance of the diameter of the disc, the required characteristics for the machine you are running.

Diamond circle can too quickly grinding-off due to the increased pressure of the disk on the cutting material. In this case you have to adjust the pressure on the surface of the disk, so that he natural way.

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