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The process of production of abrasive, diamond polishing tools for each type requires special component parts and equipment. This section contains everything necessary for the organization of production process at any level, as well as for the self-production of a specific tool.

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paper 1

For the production of abrasive materials and tools on a paper basis is used special sorts of paper. This section contains the correct paper from all over the World suitable for the production of abrasives.

Fiber for the production of abrasive products

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slitters 1

For cutting the basis for the production of flexible abrasive instruments are used different types and sizes slitters.

TTH knives for cutting rolled

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Torgoviy dom "Antey"
+7 (916) 244-07-02

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extruders 1

In the manufacture of abrasive tools necessary to feed the glue, resin and other fluid components.

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plates 1

Abrasive materials (abrasif - grinding, from abradere - scrape) - the materials, having high, and used for the surface treatment of various materials.. Abrasive materials are used in the processes of cutting the materials and are widely applied in preparing production and final processing of various metallic and non-metallic materials.

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