Abrasive wheels on the ceramic bunch

Abrasive wheels on the ceramic bunch, hereinafter - ceramic circles - the most common type of abrasive tool, which has replaced the sandpaper and zirconium circles. As a binder in ceramic circles are used songs from refractory clays, marsh (feldspar, boron glass), talc and other materials. Crystallization ligaments occurs under the action of high temperature as a result of melting or sintering. Плавящиеся ligaments are called стекловидными, спекаемые - фарфоровидными. In the glassy bundles more pronounced phase of glass, appearing as a result of melting silica present in clays ; фарфоровидные ligaments closer to the ceramics structure, formed as a result of the interaction of aluminum oxide and silica (silicon oxide).

Ceramic circles is produced by mixing the abrasive sand with a bunch of crude, forming a mixture of presses and firing. Circles are available in all known standard forms (see. Types and forms of abrasive tools). For the grinding of non-standard profile изделй circles are subject to roll - turning on turning lathes or directly in the grinding machine for giving the necessary form (profile). Ceramic instrument issued in the form of grinding heads (see. Grinding heads) for use with a hand tool.
Ceramic bunch has a high properties, water resistance, chemical resistance, and a relatively high strength. Fragility is the main disadvantage of ceramic circles. Therefore, with few exceptions and except for the grinding heads, rings used in stationary grinding machines and do not tolerate the side of shock loads. The speed of the ceramic circles is limited to 40 m/s. Hardening for data circles does not apply.
However ceramic circles are used in the majority of grinding operations, are made of шлифматериалов : electrocorundum of white and black silicon carbide green and black, chrome-титанистого of electrocorundum in a wide range of grits. Because of the fragility of the ligaments limited are coarse-grained circles, and to exclude their application in Stripping operations and segment.

depending On the material being processed circle is selected for the brand шлифзерна , - articles of углеротистых steels and alloys processed by the circles of electrocorundum normal and white ; hardened steel, hard alloys processed by the circles of electrocorundum white and green silicon carbide ; ceramics, glass, non-ferrous metals sector of silicon carbide (for details, see in the section Abrasives).

the Choice of hardness and structure of the circle depends on the nature of grinding operations. More information can be found in the relevant sections of the directory.

         GOSTs and TU for ceramic circles

         GOST 2424-83 - "Circles of grinding. Technical conditions."
         GOST 3060-86 - "Circles of grinding. Available unbalanced mass and methods for measuring them."
         GOST 30513-97 - "Instrument abrasive and diamond. Test methods for safety."

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