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    Декабрь 2017
    • PR in the B2B sector 2018 Moscow
      15.12.2017 - 15.12.2017 Conference

      Venue: Moscow, Izmailovskoe highway, 71, building A.
      Organizer: Fresh Russian Communications
      Date: 15.12.2017
      Date to: 15.12.2017

      Conference B2B PR in the second time will be held in Moscow the branch of the case conference for professionals in the field of PR and marketing communications in B2B business. 15 ...


    Сентябрь 2017
    • AT a HEIGHT of 2017 - DIY international business platform of the Moscow
      15.09.2017 - 15.09.2017 Conference

      Venue: Russia, Moscow, MIBC Moscow-city
      Organizer: ICWC CAPITAL EVENT
      Date: 15.09.2017
      Date to: 15.09.2017

      September 13, 2017 in Moscow international business center «Moscow city" (Tower “Eye”) will be the largest DIY suppliers negotiate with buyers on innovative international business site DIY “ALTITUDE”, which will bring together ...


    Октябрь 2016
    • The use of materials and equipment for fire protection and industrial anticorrosion
      18.10.2016 - 18.10.2016 Conference

      Venue: Ekaterinburg, Kuybysheva street 44D, "CMTE"
      Organizer: Ural Exhibitions
      Date: 18.10.2016
      Date to: 18.10.2016

      We invite you to attend the conference: "The use of materials and equipment for fire protection and industrial anticorrosion: current trends, opportunities to improve quality and efficiency" Date: October 18-19, 2016 Place: Yekaterinburg, CMTE


    Апрель 2016
    • MATE 2016 Moscow
      26.04.2016 - 26.04.2016 Conference

      Venue: Russia, Moscow, Marriott Courtyard Moscow City Center
      Organizer: Smile-Expo
      Date: 26.04.2016
      Date to: 26.04.2016

      IV international conference MOBILE APPLICATION TECHNOLOGY EXPO MATE is dedicated to the latest developments in the industry of mobile applications technology.


    Ноябрь 2015
    • The Internet as a refuge in crisis - crisis solutions from leading market experts DIY
      10.11.2015 - 10.11.2015 Conference

      Venue: Russia, Moscow, Expocentre
      Organizer: Portal
      Date: 10.11.2015
      Date to: 10.11.2015

      November 10, 2015. in "Expocentre" in the framework of 8-th international exhibition of tools, equipment and technologies MITEX 2015 conference will take place  HYPERLINK "DIY: the Internet as a rescue crisis in ...


    Июнь 2014
    • The features and tasks of the exhibition Metalworking 2014
      09.06.2014 - 09.06.2014 Conference

      Venue: Russia, Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4 FSUE MIA "Russia today", a Multimedia center, Glass hall
      Organizer: ZAO "Expocentr"
      Date: 09.06.2014
      Date to: 09.06.2014

      9 June 2014 at 11:00 in the FSUE MIA ’Russia today,”, a Multimedia center, Glass hall (Moscow, Zubovsky Boulevard, 4) will host a press conference dedicated to international specialized exhibition " Metalworking-2014. Equipment, devices ...


    Май 2013
    • Metalworking: Strategy 2013-2015
      29.05.2013 - 29.05.2013 Conference

      Venue: Russia, Moscow, Expocentre
      Organizer: Congress Exhibition Company Imperia
      Date: 29.05.2013
      Date to: 29.05.2013

      II all-Russian Industrial Forum «Metal-working: a Strategy for 2013-2015»


    Март 2013
    • "Coatings and surface treatment - 2013.
      26.03.2013 - 28.03.2013 Conference

      Venue: Russia, Moscow, SK "Olympisky"
      Date: 26.03.2013
      Date to: 28.03.2013

      the Latest developments in technology, ecology and equipment the Conference, in the framework of which annually take place sessions, seminars and round tables, different atmosphere of constructive dialogue of specialists in the field ...


    Октябрь 2012
    • Innovative contribution to the improvement of welding production of the aerospace complex of Russia
      23.10.2012 - 23.10.2012 Conference

      Venue: Russia, Moscow, Sokolnichesky Val, building 1
      Organizer: The Russian space Agency; iGO «TECHNOMASH»; the Russian Scientific Technical Welding Society (RWs), the Moscow inter-sectoral Alliance of Chief Welders (mmags); the Company «YENAR?».
      Date: 23.10.2012
      Date to: 23.10.2012

      the Scientific - practical conference “the Innovation contribution to the improvement of welding production of the aerospace complex of Russia”, in the framework of the exhibition “Weldex / ROSSVARKA 2012    will  is ...

    • Technology and equipment for breakthrough and innovation processes in metal-working, welding and cutting
      17.10.2012 - 17.10.2012 Conference

      Venue: Russia, Moscow, IEC "Crocus-Expo"
      Organizer: The Moscow inter-sectoral Alliance of chief welders and chief experts of the cutting, metal working
      Date: 17.10.2012
      Date to: 17.10.2012

      Moscow interbranch Association of chief welders and the main specialists of the invites You to take part in the Scientific-practical conference, in the format “Business club on the professional interests of”, which will be held at the exhibition  “machine tools 2012  (IEC “Crocus ...