3M increased the participants of the loyalty program 3 times

A leading international science-based company 3M has announced the first results of the project of digitalization of loyalty programs. In July 2019 the number of products 3M for the car repair business has been equipped with NFC tags and QR codes, scanning which buyers can receive unique multimedia content, to communicate with the brand, as well as picking up points for the products purchased in the mobile app 3M-Auto or on the website. Program participants can redeem accumulated points for prizes.

“the Program is popular among customers, – said Natalia Lyubushkina, head of sales Division materials for repair 3M Russia CIS countries.We see more than three times the number of active participants, and the products themselves in the loyalty program this year registered 4 times more, compared to the same period last year”.

In 4 months the participants of the loyalty program “break up with 3M” has registered more than 30 000 points via mobile app “3M-Auto». The company expects the threshold to 50 000 points before the end of 2019, equivalent to the number of points that were recruited for the time of program implementation “break up with 3M” in 2018.  

the Project is implemented on the basis of the decision Verisium, which uses the blockchain platform Quorum from J. P. Morgan and the complex of architectural services in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Verisium enables you to record NFC tags and QR codes in the system, providing a direct channel of brand communication with customers, as well as giving you the opportunity to check the goods for authenticity. The blockchain technology in the Microsoft Azure cloud ensures the safe storage and protection from falsification of data. Application 3M-Auto was developed by DataArt, a Microsoft partner.

In the loyalty program already includes people from 27 regions of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The number of points the leaders are Moscow and Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Minsk, Novosibirsk region, Altai Krai, Republic of Tatarstan. Most of the products scanned outside of Moscow and Moscow region.

3M intends to continue to expand the number of product groups involved in the initiative, which will allow the company to more thoroughly analyze the communication with their customers and generate for them a personalized proposal.

Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
27 November 2019.


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