China reduced the import of alumina almost 11%


The January-March 2013, China has reduced imports of alumina by 10.9%. Compared with the same period of last year it 1.03 million tons. By the end of March 2013, the country imported 195,2 thousand tons of finished products.

Remember that, compared to the year 2011, and in 2012 to the import of Chinese alumina was increased by 167%. Thus, in the last year of delivery of products to the territory of the country amounted to 5.02 million tons. The main suppliers of alumina were India (140 thousand tons) and Australia (4.66 million tons)

The experts of the Agency of the Beijing Antaike forecasted increase of volume of production of the Chinese alumina in 2013, almost 10%, which is $ 46.3 million tons. By the end of 2012 the total output of alumina in China reached 42,53 million tons. 



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