Technology gamification in learning on the protection of labour will present in Sochi

According Ltd to “Center” in 20% cases of occupational diseases is the failure to use or incorrect use by workers of personal protective equipment (PPE). Organization and training the right the use of PPE is enshrined in law by the Labour code, secondary legislation, orders of the Ministry of labor of the Russian Federation. However, experts on labor protection is not always enough time resources and sometimes more knowledge on PPE. This can be offset through the introduction of remote training sessions with the participation of external experts, the creation of corporate programs.

Advantages of distance learning consist in the simultaneous coverage of a large number of remote workers, without having their full-time presence. The use of this learning format allows you to bring the speakers outside experts, market experts. The online format includes the possibility of testing the knowledge of employees after completion of training, - said Gromov, Sophia L., technical Director of the business group Safety and graphics company ZM Russia. - 3M as an international leader in the production of personal protective equipment, sees its mission in training workers in their proper use. We regularly hold training events, open webinars, webinars in conjunction with Klin Institute of Protection and conditions of employment, customized training programs at the enterprises, which take into account the specifics of production and specific conditions of work”.

Use of modern teaching methods allows to intensify the activities of the student to present his protagonist in the educational process. But for different generations and types of training are different. The traditional format of education for the Millennials become ineffective. Solution for this generation is the use of gamification. 

Gamification already quite prevalent in the business environment and shows good results. For example, an educational game used  AstraZeneca, allowed to engage in the learning process 97% of employees. Gaming technology is successfully applied in training of security employees, the company EnTrans. She managed to reduce the number of injuries by 50%, and the frequency of incidents (TRIR) from 6 to 2.1 (the industry average – 7,32). 

Companies are increasingly turning to virtual reality technology to immerse you in the learning process. VR allows you to create accurate simulations, facing the staff, which is especially important for industries with high level of risks: mining and metallurgy, energy, construction and industrial production.

So, in JSC SUEK Kuzbass used virtual reality technology in the training of safe behavior in the conduct of mining operations in the Laboratory "live shaft" - a virtual model of a real mine with real equipment and working conditions. The lab allows you to simulate potential emergency and dangerous situation, and employees are learning how to respond to the emergency situation without panic, honing their actions to automatism. 

In AK ALROSA employees undergo training on safety in quest format, consisting of five areas-fire safety, electrical safety, first aid, use of PPE, and safety and occupational health. 

Corporate University of the company «Norilsk Nickel» managed to improve the efficiency of traditional learning through the introduction of innovative technologies and blended learning. So, in addition to traditional classroom use of multimedia tools: 3D atlases, VR, mobile application and multimedia self-study courses and practical exercises for staff who reinforce the theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills in case of industrial training, training underground and in the workplace. 

Gamification in training is often based on the principles of immediate feedback, the big goal is divided into many small, the user always sees its progress. This feature is used today by the manufacturers of PPE to teach users to correctly apply the remedy. 

3M Company conducts corporate training on the format of 70-20-10, where 10% are lectures and workshops, 20% on communication with colleagues and professional community, and 70% - on practice. The experts at 3M have developed a Board game, teaching  the algorithm for selection of personal protective equipment against falls from a height in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations on labor protection when working at height approved by order of the Ministry of labor and social protection of the Russian Federation of March 28, 2014 No. 155N and harmful factors of production environment. 
the game takes into account the clearance and the pendulum effect, the type of work and number of staff performing them. Special attention is given to providing a plan for the rescue and evacuation of employees. 
After the game, the specialists can select PPE for different production conditions typical for mining and metallurgical enterprises. 

Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
13 May 2019.


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