Interview with the Director of the exhibition METAL-EXPO 2012

during The discussion of those or other industrial problems it is planned to raise the topic of accession to the WTO?


In many respects interest to use the capacious Russian market is heated again and held the entry of our country into the WTO, which facilitates access to the national market.. Of course,the  the consequences of Russia's accession to the WTO will be discussed at many conferences in the course of the exhibition. Russia's accession to the WTO minimizes the customs barriers and facilitate international trade, will make an additional incentive for investment, the supply of products and technologies in Russia.. Communicative platform “Metal-Expo” will be one of the channels of increasing competition on the Russian market due to the arrival of foreign players.. In our opinion, after the accession to the WTO will start a number of new projects in the mining and metallurgical industries, as Russia possesses large reserves of raw materials and the necessary competencies of the personnel for the organization on the territory of the country of high-tech production..


For some executives of companies interested in your opinion visit the “Metal-Expo” – technologists, managers, Tops?


according To the independent audit, the share of top-managers, persons who make a decision, account for 53% of visitors  “Metal-Expo”.. This is one of the few exhibition events of the country, which is visited by the first persons of companies: the exhibition of the last year were registered 2072 General Director, 528 commercial Directors, more than 200 of Executive Directors and presidents of companies, more than 700 chief engineers, designers and technologists..

thus, The “Metal-Expo” gives an opportunity to players of the market in a period of 4 days to build sales channels, to improve relations with the clients and to find new consumers, check in the competitive environment of its marketing strategy, to raise the awareness of market participants about the brand of the company and strengthen the reputation among partners, to test new product lines, to conclude promising contracts. The “Metal-Expo`2012” will be possible to evaluate the current situation and forecasting the development of the sectors of mechanical engineering, fuel and energy complex, transport, building industry, the representatives of which constitute 54% of the visitors of the exhibition.


Exhibit space allows you to hold negotiations on the supply, processing and consumption of various kinds of metal products.. It is a convenient place for many of the meetings, establishment of new business contacts, maintain and develop relations with partners, because the fairs are visited only by the people concerned. For the week of work at the exhibition you can organize and conduct negotiations if not all, with many of the contractors, suppliers and buyers of products.. Therefore, it is primarily a tool for the solution of commercial tasks.


“Metal-Expo” not only to sign contracts, but also gives me a great sense of charge.. Few will find exhibitions, which can manifest himself scientists, designers, engineers, designers – our exhibition provides such an opportunity, and this is its distinctive feature of..


How do you assess the contribution of activities in the development of the sectors of the specialized departments of our country?


just look at the patronage of the exhibition – leading specialized agencies and business associations support its implementation, their representatives are included in the permanent exhibition organising Committee.. the Director of the Department of base branches of industry of the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia Viktor Semenov said that in the entire history of the “Metal-Expo” has grown into a giant professional forum, highly information-rich, and I quote: “There is no presidents, but according to his own sectoral value it is quite comparable with the Saint-Petersburg and Davos experience. I believe that in 2012, we should focus on the inter-branch relations between metallurgists and the automobile industry, metallurgists and builders, metallurgists and power engineers, metallurgists and machine engineers.. Not coincidentally, we moved on to the landing “Metal-Expo” the holding of the coordination Council at the Ministry of industry and trade for the development of the metallurgical complex, which in this year will take place for the fourth time.. Now as never before it is important to establish domestic cooperation, to expand the capacity of consumption within the country, thereby obtain a synergy and effect of animation”..

Ministry of industry and trade of Russia also at the site of the “Metal-Expo” conducts meeting of the working group on the implementation of inter-sectoral programme of work for development of new types and improving the quality of metal products for the automotive industry.. And the Russian Union of suppliers of metal products organizes meetings, dedicated to questions of development of production and consumption in the Russian aluminium rolled products and profiles on its basis..


In your opinion on the background of all exhibitors Russia a full-fledged technological competitor of other countries or are likely just a raw-material supplier?


in The last years, the national metallurgy has invested heavily in the modernization for increase of their technological level and increase of its competitiveness. Another question, that no one on the world market is not waiting for Russian exports of products with high added value. Now is the global redistribution of flows of goods in almost all regions of the world, connected with the confrontation between  import and localization of local markets. Steel from the global becomes becomes a local product.. Markets are closed on themselves. To break into the foreign market with its export product becomes harder and harder.


In such circumstances it is important to realize growth opportunities in Russia..


as far As industry is receptive to innovation? They quickly implemented or even a trial testing takes years?


“Metal-Expo” from year to year, it helps to attract scientific and industrial potential in the Russian industry.. Contribute to this conference, competitions of the scientific projects, the prize of the “the Main event of the year 2012 in metallurgy of Russia” and other events.


Here's a concrete example. In 2012 in the territory of Russia will be put into operation three plant for galvanizing steel capacity from 25 up to 40 thousand tons of galvanized steel products per year.. According to the Director of the Center for development cycle Vladislav Pol'kina, in recent years in the country to impose the order of 3-4 plants for zinc-plated, with the result that the total number of plants for zinc-plated steel products for the last 10 years has increased from 9 up to 60 enterprises.. Believe me, it has happened mainly due to promotional functions of the conference “Zinc – corrosion protection”, which is traditionally held in the framework of the Congress part of the “Metal-Expo”..

Or another example relating to service metal centers, which process rolled metal products and produce products for the industry of construction materials and semi-finished products for the automotive industry. They are incorporated in the Russian production chain. And many projects have arisen in the process of negotiations with suppliers of equipment for SMZ during the exhibition.. So the best engineering solutions, of course, in Russia are being implemented: some fast enough, the others  - not without problems, but are implemented!


what is the essential difference between this year's event from the rest of the 17-years have passed?


the Subjects of the exhibition this year is expanding.. Now formed a new direction associated with transporting raw materials and steel products, – “МеталлТрансЛогистик”. The the exhibition objectively many areas, including related, but one complements the other.. To example, increased the number of exhibitors-manufacturers of the metallurgical equipment –appeared “METALLURGMASH”. Increased the number of producers and suppliers of metal products for construction industry – in a separate exposition imposed “МеталлСтройФорум”..



What are your personal expectations from the event?


For me the exhibition provides a unique opportunity to meet in one place with lots of old partners and friends, as well as familiarity with new actors in the industry.. In these four days time becomes, as a condensed broth, and reaches a top-of-concentration: as much as happens and it happens during this period of time, it is difficult to imagine in any other period of the calendar. One event is replaced by another


in Just two years will be held on the anniversary of the 20-th exhibition.. In this connection, one can expect some peculiarities in the course of preparation and holding it?


In the term “Metal-Expo” will be expanded in the direction of increasing the number of companies from the mining industry.. The exhibition will be even more diverse, but its core, the core will stay metal! When will be in a sufficient measure formed and raw materials exposition, “Metal-Expo” will turn into a global industrial forum, which will involve more than 1 thousand of companies.. And for all of them, the exhibition will become a springboard for further development of business, entering new markets, as it is all the years of its existence..


Looking for the exhibition and to present at the Russian manufacturers, we can say that the Russian Federation fully revived metallurgical industry?

Crude steel production in Russia in 2012 , reached the  the level of pre-crisis 2007 g.

On the assessment of the na “Russian Steel”, in 2012 g.. in Russia will be produced over 70 m tons of steel and about 60 m t hire, in 2013 the , is expected to additional growth of steel production in 3 m t in connection with the commissioning of new production capacities.. Forecast of production of rolled – at the level of 61 m n.

thus, we can say that the domestic steel industry emerged from the crisis in the country is now available 5,9 m tons of steel per month.. This has become possible due not only to the recovery of the volumes of production at the existing plant units, but also the commissioning of new capacities. New projects of the Russian metallurgists also will be presented to the carbon-13 to 16 November at the exhibition center.


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