In Kazan discussed the issues of fire protection of the important objects of Tatarstan

Cultural sites of Tatarstan, such as museums, libraries, archives, and industrial facilities are of great importance for the region and the country, so the investment in ensuring their fire safety is given special attention. According to the MOE*, the subprogramme "Fire safety in the Republic of Tatarstan for 2014-2021 years” by the end of 2018 has invested more than 5 billion roubles for fire safety and prevention of emergency situations in Tatarstan.

Experts point out that without modern technical means of fire protection is very difficult to exercise operational control over the security of the facility. In buildings with large flow of people and valuable funds need the most advanced solutions. As commented by the Minister of culture of Tatarstan Irada aiupova Khafizyanovna, the country has a rich cultural heritage that is valuable not only for Russia but for the whole world: ‘Challenge citizens and governments is the preservation of historical and cultural values for our children and future generations. Therefore, museums and libraries who store the most valuable objects, in my opinion, needs to be equipped with the most modern technical means for protection from any threats”.

However, as noted by the participants, in buildings of historical value, it is impossible to make alterations and other changes, it is difficult to install a quality sprinkler system. Konstantin M. Chanyshev, Deputy head of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia on RT according to State fire service reports that there are recommended technology and fire fighting system for each type of objects, and in accordance with the norms and the availability of the necessary equipment certificates possible to provide optimal fire protection. According to Peter Korotkov, the representative of the 3M company for different types of extinguishing agents is their optimal use, taking into account those tasks which they can effectively solve. So, in areas with electrical or electronic equipment, valuable items or critical systems where possible or permanently stay, we recommend the use of fire suppression systems based on gas substances, safe for life and health, as well as valuable property. The security of critical substances, because the fire extinguishing system can be triggered not only due to the fire, but due to an error in setup, maintenance or operation of the system.

Special attention was paid to reducing the risk of fire as an important component of ethical investments – a trend that is now becoming more important for investors. Due to the development of international environmental legislative framework, in particular Russia's ratification of the Paris agreement in 2019, the application on objects of Tatarstan, modern and environmentally friendly means of fire protection is a strategically important factor in the investment attractiveness of the region. “If we want to continue to maintain its leading position in investment ratings and to remain a preferred area for investment in high-tech industries, we must follow the international trends as well as to generate anticipatory vision of development. In Europe today it is impossible to state support of the investment project, if it is not taken into account modern requirements to preserve the environment and minimize risks for the project and for the environment. This approach and sustainable development should become the new drivers of increasing investment attractiveness of the Republic of Tatarstan”, says Talia Minullina Ilysova, head of Agency of investment development of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The result of the discussion the participants came to the conclusion that the decision on the choice of extinguishants and fire extinguishing systems requires a strategic approach and taking into account the efficiency of investments for decades to come, aided by the use of a reliable extinguishing agents and systems that are safe for people, cultural and industrial objects and environment.

Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
28 November 2019.


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