In Makita Russia and Kazakhstan will change the General Director



Director General «MAKITA” Abe, Yoshiro leaves “ABBYY Russia» and «MAKITA Kazakhstan” 1 March 2019. He sent a letter in which he called his successor.

I Hereby would like to inform you that I am assigned to a new project and forced to leave “ABBYY Russia”/ “MAKITA Kazakhstan» March 1, 2019.

I worked in “ABBYY Russia”/ “MAKITA Kazakhstan” almost 9 years, since 2010. During this period, we shared with You a great experience.

Although sometimes we had a difficult situation, such as the economic crisis of 2015, thanks to all of You, we were able to survive and keep the business Makita.

with all my heart I would like to Express my deep gratitude to all of You. You are promoting and expanding the brand Makita, You need great service Makita, You work with "MAKITA" in Russia and LLP "MAKITA" in Kazakhstan and always with great warmth and hospitality welcomed me during my visits.

I ought to visit You all personally and tell everyone thank you, but I would like to apologize that you can't do that. Russia and the CIS are too large, I regret to inform You letter.

My next project Director General Makita Poland / Czech Republic / Slovakia, the responsibility for the countries of Central Europe.

My successor at “ABBYY Russia” / “MAKITA Kazakhstan” will Mr. Saito Izumi from “Makita Argentina", which is much more experienced people than me. Believe that You will be successful to expand our business and cooperation with him.

we would Like to say again to all of You: “thank you”. I hope that you will return to Russia in the future, because like Russia, which became for me almost home.

weight Wish You all the best, happiness and success.

Abe Yoshiro.




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