Metal-Expo - metallurgical forum of Russia


Quite a bit of time left before the opening of the exhibition Metal-Expo 2012 in Moscow. Our correspondent had a talk with the Director General of  CJSC "Metal-Expo" Alexey Efimov about upcoming exhibitions..



That will be the forthcoming exhibition?


About 200 million tons of metal products a year – this is the General volume of productive capacities of the participants of  the international industrial exhibition “Metal-Expo’2012”.. About 10% of world capacities on production of metal will be presented November 13-16 in Moscow at the all-Russia exhibition centre. “Metal-Expo” in this year we will hold in the 18th time. Initially, in the second half of the 1990s, she was part of the 15-th of the best industrial exhibitions of Russia in 2000-e it was in the top 10, and the last five years, it is among the top three industrial exhibitions in Russia..

a large-Scale exhibition and Congress the forum will gather the leading metallurgical companies, pipe and metalware plants, enterprises on processing of non-ferrous metals, and producers of aluminium rolled products and alloys, builders, machine-builders, oil and gas, transport and logistics companies, traders, representatives of other branches of the real sector of the economy. More than 700 companies from 35 countries of the world will demonstrate their expositions in pavilions 69 and №75 of the all-Russian exhibition centre. At the exhibitors ' stands will work more than 4 thousand of qualified specialists and managers of the companies-participants..


What is the geography and the specialization of the exhibitors of “Metal-Expo”? Who has more – Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia?


every Year the number of participants and the exhibition area increased by 15%. Russia and the CIS countries prevail, of course.. However, in the this year, the increased activity by the foreign participants of the “Metal-Expo”. Both traditional and new exhibitors of the forum of metallurgists of a hurry book the best area for their expositions.


In 2011 foreign companies from 35 countries of the world have placed their expositions of more than 200 stands.. The largest delegation of the participants came from Germany (42 companies), on the second place - China (30), on the third - Italy (25)..

In 2012 even more expanded composition of the participants and visitors of the complex of international industrial exhibitions devoted to steel products for the construction industry, mechanical engineering and fuel and energy complex, the equipment for metallurgy, transport and logistics services for the MMC..


How many visitors at the exhibition you expected?


it is Expected that the exhibition this year will visit more than 30 thousand consumers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the construction industry, machine building, fuel-energy complex, transport and logistics, metal trading companies..


According to the data base of visitors, the exhibition “Metal-Expo’2011” was visited by representatives of 61 countries of the world. Let's remind, that all in the world there are a little more than 250 countries. Of course, the greatest number of visitors “Metal-Expo” - from Russia: more than 80% of the total number of.. A significant number of visitors falls on the share of the EU countries, South-East Asia, North and South America. Of course, the majority of foreign visitors came from such European countries as Germany, Italy, Austria – a total of 28 European countries. This confirms the increased interest of Europeans to the opportunities of the Russian market.. The only EU member state, the visitors of which were not registered in the “Metal-Expo’2011” - Ireland.


Instead of the “Metal-Expo” visited specialists and top managers of industrial companies from all republics of the former USSR. Traditionally strong representation of the CIS countries – Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan..


it is Interesting that the “Metal-Expo’2011” with business visits specialists from such exotic for the Russian market of metals countries, like Singapore, Syria, Thailand, Taiwan, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Mexico, Australia and a number of other far-away countries.


an Interview. Metal-Expo. Part 1. To be continued.



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