3M will present new products at the national safety week

Очки защитные 3М


Often, the employees are required to work in wet environments conditions with the extremes of low and high temperatures, in dust and in other situations, in such situations workers do not have enough traditional anti-fog properties of the glasses. To address these challenges, security and a high level of comfort has developed a new closed goggles 3M™ Google Gear 501. They are made of polycarbonate and have a small weight, equal to only 50, and also excellent ventilation. The model fits tightly to the face, but it does not cause discomfort when wearing workers, it features a high ease of use throughout the process of change, these glasses don't need to constantly remove and wipe clean - they retain their anti-fog properties even after repeated washing by coating Scotchgard™.

Anti-fog coating known in the market, however, the problem of "fogging" is still relevant for many companies - removing the glasses, that they “have autoceli" of people at risk of injury. Joint use of personal respiratory protection with goggles imposes even higher requirements for their anti-fog properties. In such situations, the patented coating Scotchgard™ helps to cope with the problem, it is designed to work in harsh industrial environment with high humidity, risk of temperature changes, prevents fogging for a long time, and also protects against chemical exposure, static electricity and scratches (markings K and N confirmed with inside and outside lenses). Drops covered the lens form a thin transparent layer, which dramatically reduces light scattering, resulting in improved visibility.

A new closed goggles 3M belong to optical class 1, have high optical clarity and distortion-free lenses and provide protection from high speed particles, low energy 120 m/s. They have a low profile design, adjustable strap to the headband. This solution is suitable for operations in extreme conditions at temperatures from -30 to +50⁰C, but practical tests have shown that the glasses can be used at lower temperatures. It is also important that such glasses can also protect against ultraviolet radiation while providing good colour recognition. 

To Learn more about the new product will be on the stand 3M in the nationwide safety week in Sochi, which will be held from 9 to 13 April 2018. The model is already on sale in Russia and CIS countries.   

Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
30 March 2018.


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