3M technologies for the transportation industry

Abrasive wheels 3M™ Cubitron™ II combine high aggressiveness and slow wear, high quality of the surface allows to reduce the number of subsequent grinding and finishing operations. Abrasive wheels 3M™ Cubitron™ II is used at all stages of the technological process in the manufacture of wagons, doors, ceiling panels and interior elements.

New adhesive solutions, such as heat-resistant two-component adhesive DP NS 8407, the new range of VHB tapes™ GPH eliminates the need for welding when installing the ceiling panels, interior panels, reduce the number of operations in the powder coating process structures.

Adhesive technology 3M used to solve practically any tasks of gluing and Assembly of complex structures for the marking of industrial facilities and hazardous areas, clearance and anti-vandal protection of objects of transport and infrastructure.

Among the latest design trends presented at the exhibition, experts say that the sleek design of cars with trim in light wood, a departure from painting the exterior elements of the car to the wrapping, special attention to anti-vandal protection of surfaces and the presence of large areas of Windows. For all of these challenges, apply film of the 3M company.

Visitors of the exhibition were presented vandal-proof self-adhesive decorative films Di-NOC™ for the interiors, which are widely used by leading manufacturers of rolling stock in the world, a new generation of premium cast vinyl films  3M™ Controltac™ 180mc  - universal tapes for indoor and outdoor use.  Technology Controltac™ (millions of glass balls in the adhesive layer) reduces initial contact area of the adhesive surface allows you to reposition the film during application, which facilitates the installation of large format graphics in a wide range of temperatures.

Sunscreen sunscreen film Prestige when applied to Windows, transport facilities holds up to 94% of infrared rays and up to 99% of UV radiation, when it passes 99% of the visible light, creating comfort for the passengers in the cabin.  This film allows to reduce the load on air-conditioning system, to reduce the amount of fuel consumed.

The exhibition was presented the new product-does not contain PVC and phthalates Envision film™ 480, which is a portfolio “green” solutions from 3M.  This film is used for a wide range of long term applications, both internal and external finishes as well as for the children's areas in the cars.

Author Наталья Стрельникова (3M Russia),
26 September 2018.


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