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The project is open LiveJournal.Ru in test mode since May 21, 2007. This reference and navigation service designed to help users to derive maximum benefit and enjoyment of the riches of the Russian-language information Learn. We want to provide users and regular and casual visitors an opportunity to reach the server LiveJournal LiveJournal at a glance and see what is now hundreds of thousands of bloggers write and record what caused the greatest response from millions of readers.

Our mission: To help sort out the variety of goods and services subject abrasive.

The server can be found LiveJournal.Ru and information flows, and ratings and directories, and search, and other utilities to Learn, a list which will eventually be expanded according to the wishes of the readers and LiveJournal.


The core of the portal is the section "Products and Services." Here is the full range of abrasive materials, etc., etc.. Users will have the active support section "References", in which all the information about everything. And so on.