Day of machine Builder

29.09.2013 - 29.09.2013 Event
Venue: Russia, CIS
Date: 29.09.2013
Date to: 29.09.2013


Congratulations to the specialists of the engineering industry with their professional holiday. 

Mechanical engineer's Day is celebrated in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan each year on the last Sunday of September. In Russia,the holiday is celebrated on the basis of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from October 1, 1980 "On holidays and memorial days». This professional holiday is celebrated workers and engineers of machine building industry.

In Russia, the main directions of engineering today are:

  • electronic production;
  • transport;
  • heavy industry (machine-building, power engineering, metallurgy);

In engineering задествованы millions of people. Representatives of the intellectual professions, developers of new machines, designers, engineers. This skilled workers, masters and students.




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